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Flat tops


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Not much better for a big weekend breakfast than a flat top.  I hadn't used mine most of the summer so I just spent an hour cleaning and re-seasoning it.  We're having company stay over tomorrow so I wanted to be ready to burn up a good breakfast Saturday morning.


Also, burgers, fajitas, steaks, .... anything

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I hear ya!  I love mine.  I've got two Camp Chef 14" stove systems, with a full griddle and a half griddle.  Same for grills, one full grill, one half grill.  At anytime I can be running 1 1/2 griddles, or 1 1/2 grills.  I did this for camping, and for feeding the savages at the Spring and Fall Shoots.  However, I keep one stove system set up at the house with the full griddle on it.  I've been using it weekly, for something.  :thumbup:

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10 hours ago, Madhouse said:

Had to cook meats first, put those in the oven on warm, then the eggs and hash browns.


This is exactly what we look like on Shoots out here.  Fall Shoot, man....    If you get @edgecrusher out for one, he takes over breakfast!...  :laffs:  He runs those griddles like nobody's business!  :hail:   I have another one coming up in a month, so I'll make sure I get pics of the griddles in action.  It's actually fun for me, to start everything at different times and get it all finished at the same time.  Potatoes...   those damn potatoes...   :lmao:

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56 minutes ago, unforgiven said:

I like that so much having tried my daughter's and Tom's, I got this for my Weber Performer. I'm tired of replacing the grill that would turn into a rusted piece of $hit because high heat would burn off the plating. https://arteflame.com/products/weber-grill-grate-replacement-inserts

That's genius.  Griddle all around the circle and an open flame in the middle for searing.

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49 minutes ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

Blackstone is gonna be the death of me 🤣

But, you'll go happy, and won't starve!  :laffs:  I love cooking on them. 

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56 minutes ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

Blackstone is gonna be the death of me 🤣 36" of cholesterol poisoning!

Bacon, 6- 1/3lb sirloin burgers, 4 hotdogs for the spoiled rotten shepherd & 5- 1/4lb beef dogs wrapped in hickory smoked bacon 


On the plus side you'll be pleased to known everythingon the menue there is gluten free :thumbup:

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On 10/8/2022 at 1:29 PM, unforgiven said:

Obviously not about haircuts 💈😂 of which I'm a fan.

I also clicked on this thread thinking it was going to be about haircuts and barbers.  😆

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9 hours ago, jim3326 said:

Soooo What's everyone else eating?😁

I will use mine to reverse sear thick steaks. Put the steaks in the oven at 240F for 40 minutes, then throw some butter and chopped garlic on the griddle high heat and sear both sides -voila you are done.

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