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abreveations / definitions

Recommended Posts

2A - Second Amendment

AAMOF - As a Matter of Fact

AAR - After Action report

ACP - Automatic Colt Pistol (i.e. .25acp or .45acp)

ACOG - Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

ACU - Army Combat Uniform

ACR - Advanced Combat Rifle

ACWW - Air Cooled Wheel Weights

AD - Accidental Discharge

AE - Action Express (i.e. .50AE)

AFAIAA - As Far as I am Aware

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AG - Attorney General

Ag - Silver

AIT - Advanced Individual Training

AK - Kalashnikov Style Rifle

Al - Aluminum

ALICE - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

ALP - All Lawful Purposes

AOP - Assault on Principal

AOW - Any Other Weapon

AP - Armor Piercing

APB - All Points Bulletin

API - Armor Piercing Incendiary

APIT - Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer

AR - Armalite

AR - Automatic Rifle

AR - Assault Rifle

ARD - Anti-Reflection Device

As - Arsenic

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ATM - At The Moment

AWB - Assault Weapons Ban

AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BAR -Browning Automatic Rifle

BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

BBL - Barrel

BBWC - Bevel-Base WadCutter

BC - Ballistic Coefficient

BC - Bolt Carrier

BCG - Bolt Carrier Group

BCT - Basic Combat Training

BDC - Bullet Drop Compensator

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform

BFA - Blank Firing Adapter

BFD - Big F censored ing Deal

BFE - Bum F censored Egypt, or the middle of nowhere

BG - Bad Guy

BHN - Brinell Hardness Number

BHO - Bolt Hold Open

Bi - Bismuth

BIL - Bug In Location

BIY - Build It Yourself

BL - Bayonet Lug

BMG - Browning Machine Gun

BO - Bug Out, Bail Out, Bugging Out

BOB - Bug Out Bag

BOHIC - Bend Over, Here It Comes

BOL - Bug Out Location

BOOLIT - A real Bullet -- cast with real lead

BOV - Bug Out Vehicle

BP - Black Powder

BP - Bronze Point

BPCR - Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

BR - Bench Rest

BRASS - Breathe-Relax-Aim-Slack-Squeeze

BRASSF - Breathe-Relax-Aim-Stop-Squeeze-Follow Through

BRB - Be Right Back

BRB/NTR - Be Right Back/Need to ReBeer

BRD - Black Rifle Disease

BRS - Black Rifle Syndrome

BSZ - Battle Sight Zero

Bt – Boat-tail

BTDT - Been There, Done That

BToF - Brown Truck of Fun - UPS

BTT - Back To Top or Bump To Top

BTW - By The Way

BUG - Back Up Gun

BUIS - Back Up Iron Sights

BWB - Back With Beer

BWT - Big White Truck - FedEx

BZO - Battle Sight Zero

C3 - Class 3

C&R - Curio & Relic (Federal Firearm License)

CAR - Carbine

CB – Cast Bullet

CC - Concealed Carry

CCB - Copper Clad Bullet

CCL - Concealed Carry License

CCO - Close Combat Optic

CCP - Concealed Carry Permit

CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon

CH - Concealed Hammer

CHL - Concealed Handgun License

CHP - Concealed Handgun Permit

CIII - Class 3 Weapon

CLP - Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant

CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program

COD - Cash on Delivery

COF -Course of Fire

COL - Cartridge Overall Length

COLL - Collapsible

COM - Center Of Mass

CONUS - Continental United States

COP - Chief Of Police

COW - Cream of Wheat / Used as a filler in reloading

Cowitness - When an optic is mounted on the same plane as the weapons iron sights

CPL - Concealed Pistol License

Cu - Copper

CQB - Close Quarters Battle

CQBR - Close Quarters Battle Receiver

CQC - Close Quarters Combat

CRPA - Certified Royal Pain in the ass

CRS - Can't Remember Sh!t

CWP - Concealed Weapons Permit

CYA - Cover Your Ass

D/L - Download

DA - Double Action

DAA - Double Action Automatic

DAISNAID - Do As I Say, Not As I Do

DAO - Double Aaction Only

DARFC - Duck And Run For Cover

DC - Dust Cover

DCH - Detachable Carry Handle

DCM - Director of Civilian Marksmanship (Old CMP)

DCU - Desert Camouflage Uniform

DD - Destructive Device

DEWAT - Deactivated War Trophy

DEWC - Double Ended WadCutter

DFTT - Don't Feed the Troll

DH - Richard Cranium

DIAS - Drop In Auto Sear

DIY - Do It Yourself

DM - Designated Marksman

DOA - Dead On Arrival

DOD - Department of Defense

DODR - Do it Over, Do it Right

DOT - Department of Transportation

DROS - Dealer's Record of Sale

DRT - Dead Right There

DT - Double Tap

EBR - Evil Black Rifle

EBKDDERSFSCCFRTDACHSIBSDXTMELAWKITNBT - Evil Baby-Killing Death-Dealing Emergency-Room-Surgeon-Finger-Shredding Crime-Causing Flesh-Ripping Too-Dangerous-for-Average-Citizen Heat-Seeking Innocent-Bystander-Search-and-Destroy eXploding Tearing Maiming End-of- Life-As-We-Know-It Thermo-Nuclear Black Talons

EDC - Every Day Carry

EFMJ - Expanding Full Metal jacket

EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival or Edited to Add

F2F - Face-To-Face

FA - Forward Assist, or Full Auto

FA - Full Auto

FA - Fulton Armory

FAR - Featherweight Assault Rifle

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FC - Full Choke (Shotgun Choke)

FCG - Fire Control Group

FCSA - Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association

FDE - Flat Dark Earth

FF - Free Float/Floated/Floating

FFL - Federal Firearms License

FH - Flash Hider

FIL - Father-In-Law

FIRSH - Free Floating Integral Rail System Handguard

FLGC - Full Length Gas Check

FLS - Full-Length Sizing

FMC – Full Metal Case

FMJ - Full Metal Jacket

FN – Flat Nose

FNG - F censored ing New Guy

FOPA - Firearm Owners Protection Act (of 1986)

FP – Flat Point

FP - Firing Pin

FPS - Feet Per Second

FS - For Sale

FS - Flash Suppressor

FSB - Front Sight Base -or- Front Sight Block

FSP - Front Sight Post

FST - Front Sight Tower

FT - For Trade

FTE - Failure to Eject or Failure to Extract

FTEj - Fail To Eject

FTEx - Fail To Extract

FTF - Face To Face

FTF - Failure To Feed/Fire

FTW - For The Win

FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

FWIW - For What It's Worth

FYI - For Your Information

FUBAR - F censored ed Up Beyond All Recognition

G# - Glock Model Number X (eg. G19, G23, G26, G32, etc.)

GA - Gauge

GAP - Glock Automatic Pistol (.45 Caliber Variant)

GB - Group Buy

GC - Gas Checked

GCA - Gun Control Act (of 1968)

GD&R - Grin, Duck, & Run

GFZ - Gun-Free Zone

GG - Good Guy

GHB - Get Home Bag

GI - Government Issue

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GOW - Game Of Week

GP - Group Purchase

GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun

Gr - Grains (1/7000th of a pound)

GSSF - Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

GTG - Good to Go

H&K - Heckler & Koch

H&R - Harrington & Richardson (i.e. .32 H&R Mag)

HB - Heavy Barrel

HB - Hollow Base

HBAR - Heavy Barrel

HC - Hard Cast

HCP - Handgun Carry Permit

HD - Heavy Duty

HD - Home Defense

HDC - Home Defense Carbine

HG - Handguard

Hg - Mercury

HGAC - Haven't Got A Clue

HHMB - Here, Hold my Beer

HMG - Heavy Machine Gun

HP - Hollow Point

HT - Heat Treated

HTS - Hammer, Trigger, Sear

HTWW - Heat Treated Wheel Weight

HWS - Holographic Weapon Sight

IAD - Immediate Action Drill

IANAG - I Am Not A Geek

IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer

IB4L - In Before the Lock (Thread Locked)

IBA - Individual Body Armor

IBS - International Benchrest Shooters

IBTL - In Before Thread Lock

IBZ - Improved Battlesight Zero

IC - Improved Cylinder (Shotgun Choke)

ICCF - Integrated Close Combat Forum

ICORE - International Confed.Revolver Enthusiasts

ID - Involuntary Discharge

ID-10-T - Idiot

IDK - I Don't Know

IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association

IED - Improvised Explosive Device

IFF - Identification - Friend or Foe

IINM - If I’m Not Mistaken

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly

IM - Instant Message

IME - In My Experience

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMO - In My Opinion

INCH - I'm Never Coming Home Bag

IMR - Improved Military Rifle (DuPont's name for some of its canister powders.)

IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation

IWB - In The Waistband Holster

JAFO - Just Another F censored ing Observer

JK or J/K - Just Kidding

JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point

JMB - John Moses Browning

JPW - Johnson Paste Wax

JSP - Jacketed Soft Point

JTTH - Just Trying to Help

KB - KaBoom!

KIA - Killed In Action

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

KMA - Kiss My Ass

KYPD - Keep Your Powder Dry

L – Lead

L-C – Lead Combat

L-T – Lead Target

LBE - Load Bearing Equipment

LBV - Load Bearing Vest

LC - Lake City

LC - Long Colt (i.e. .45LC)

LCR - Lightweight Compact Revolver

LEA - Law Enforcement Agency

LEO - Law Enforcement Officer

LFN – Long Flat Nose

LFP – Lead Flat Point

LHP – Lead Hollow Point

LLA - Lee Liquid Alox

LLEA - Local Law Enforcement Agency

LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off

LMG - Light Machine Gun

LNIB - Like New In Box

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

Loob - Boolit Lube

LOP - Length Of Pull

LOS - Line Of Sight

LPK - Lower Parts Kit

LR - Long Rifle (i.e. .22LR)

LRN – Lead Round Nose

LSWC – Lead Semiwadcutter

LTC or LTCF - License to Carry Firearm

LULA - Loader/Unloader Accessory

LW - Lightweight

LWC - Lead Wad Cutter

M - Magnum

M1 - Garand

M1 - M1 Carbine 30cal

M&P - Military and Police

MAG - Magnum (i.e. .357 Magnum)

MAP - Minimum Advertised Price

MARS - Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight

MBR - Main Battle Rifle

MC - Metal Cased

MIA - Missing in Action

Middy - Short for mid-length

MIL - Mother-in-Law

Milspec - Military Specifications

Milsurp - Military Surplus

Mo - Molybdenum

MOA - Minute of Angle

MOB - Middle Of Back

MOD - Moderator

MOD - Modified Choke (Shotgun Choke)

MOLLE - Modular pouches that fit a LBE/LBV/Pack

MOS - Military Occupational Specialty

MOUT - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain

MRE - Meal Ready to Eat

MRF - Modular Rail Forend

MRP - Monolithic Rail Platform

MRS - Modular Rail System

MRWC - Mid-Range WadCutter

MSFOA - MS State Firearm Owners Assn.

MSGO -MS Gun Owners

MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

MV - Muzzle Velocity

MWS - Modular Weapon System

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

NBD - No Big Deal

NBRSA - National Bench Rest Shooters Association

NFA - National Firearms Act (of 1934)

NFW - No F censored ing Way

Ni - Nickel

ND - Negligent Discharge

NOS - New Old Stock

NIB - New In Box

NICS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System

NIMBY - Not in My Back Yard

NIW - New In Wrapper

NM - National Match

NM - Never Mind

NOD - Night Observation Device

NOOB - Newbie

NOYB - None of Your Business

NP - No Problem

NR - Non-Resident

NRA - National Rifle Association

NRMA - National Reloading Manufacturers Association

NS - CMP North Store (Camp Perry OH)

NSFW - Not Safe For Work

NSSF - National Shooting Sports Foundation

NTS - Not Too Shabby

NVD - Night Vision Device

OAL - Overall Length

OB - Open Bore

OBO - Or Best Offer

OC - Open Choke

OD - Olive Drab

OF - Old Fart

OFIT - Old Fart in Training

OFS - Out Freakin’ Standing

OMG - Oh My Gosh

OMO - Only My Opinion

OOTB - Out Of The Box

OP - Original Post / Original Poster

OP - Observation Post

OS - Operating System

OSUT - One Stop Unit Training

OT - Off Topic

OTAL - Offset Tactical Aiming Laser

OTD - Out the Door

OTOH - On The Other Hand

OWB - Outside Waistband Holster

PAW - Post Apocalyptic World

Pb - Lead

PB – Lead Bullet

PB – Parabellum

PBR - Point Blank Range

PCIPC - Post Count is Post Count

PD - Police Department

PDW - Personal Defense Weapon

PHB - Pointy-Haired Boss

PITA - Pain In the Ass

PM - Private Message

PM - Preventative Maintenance

PO - Police Officer

POA - Point of Aim

POA - Privat Owned Auto

POI - Point of Impact

POS - Piece of Sh!t

POTUS - President Of The United States (see POS)

POV - Point of View

POV - Private Owned Vehicle

PPPOYPDNCEOMP - Piss Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Constitute Emergency on My Part!

PPPPPPP - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

PPT - Private Party Transfer

PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch

PSK - Personal Survival Kit

PSP - Pointed Soft Point or Plated Soft Point

PTL&PTA - Praise the Lord - Pass the Ammunition

Q&A - Questions and Answers

QC - Quick Change

QCB - Quick Change Barrel

QD - Quick Detach

RAS - Rail Adapter System

RAW - Registered Assault Weapon

RCLG - Recoilless Gun

RDIAS - Registered Drop-In Auto Sear

RINO - Republican In Name Only

RIS - Rail Interface System

RKBA - Right To Keep and Bare Arms

RKI - Reasonably Knowledgeable Individual

RL - Range Lead

RN – Round Nose

RNFP – Round Nose Flat Point

RNL – Round Nosed Lead

RO - Range Officer

ROF - Rate Of Fire

ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROTFLASTC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat

RP - Remington Peters

RP - Range Report

RR - Registered Receiver

S&W - Smith & Wesson

S - Sulphur

SA - Springfield Armory

SA - Single Action

SA - Situational Awareness

SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute

SAB - Sh!t A Brick

SAF - Second Amendment Foundation

SAR - Small Arms Review

SAS - Second Ammendment Sisters

SASS - Single Action Shooting Society or Single Action Six Shooter

SASS - Semi Automatic Sniper System

SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon

Sb - Antimony

SBR - Short Barrelled Rifle

SBS - Short Barrelled Shotgun

SCAR - Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle

SCOTUS - Supreme Court Of The United States

SD - Shell Deflector

SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape

SFW - Safe For Work

SHTF - Sh!t Hits the Fan

SIG - SIG Sauer

SIR - Selective Integrated Rail

SJ – Semi-Jacketed

SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point

SKS - Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova

SJSP – Semi-Jacketed Soft Point

SLR - Self-Loading Rifle

SMG - Sub Machine Gun

SMLE - Short Magazine Lee Enfield

Sn - Tin

SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F censored ed Up

SO -Safty Officer or Significant Other

SOB - Small Of Back

SOCOM - Special Operations Command

SOF - Special Operations Forces

SOL - Sh!t Outta Luck

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SP – Soft Point

SP – Spire Point

Sp,SPTZ – Spitzer

SPC - Special Purpose Cartridge

SpHP – Spitzer Hollow Point

SPF -Sold Pending Funds

SPL - Special (i.e. .38SPL)

SPR - Special Purpose Rifle

SS - CMP South Store (Anniston, AL)

SS - Stainless Steel

SSDD - Same Sh!t, Different Day

SSp – Semi-Spitzer

SST – Hornady Super Shock Tip

STHP – Silver Tip Hollow Point

STTF - Sh!t Hits the Fan

ST – Silver Tip

STFU - Shut The F censored Up

SUM - Stainless Ultra Match

SUR - Sport Utility Rifle

SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess

SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics

SWC - Semi-Wadcutter

SWMBO -She Who Must Be Obeyed

SYA - See You Around

SxS - Side by Side (Shotgun - Double Rifle)

TANSTAAFL - There Ain't no such Thing as a Free Lunch

TARFU - Things Are Really Fouled Up

TC – Truncated Cone

TCH - Tactical Carry Handle

TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It

TIA - Thanks in Advance

TLA - Three Letter Acronym

TM - Technical Manual

TMH - Too Many Hobbies

TMJ – Total Metal Jacket

TN - Tin

TTHR - Take the High Road

TTIWWP - This Thread is Worthless Without Pictures

TTT - To The Top

TTW - Taunting the Wookie

TU - Tits Up (f censored ed up - "Tango Uniform")

TYD - To Your Door (as in selling)

UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle

UD - Unintentional Discharge

URX - Upper Receiver eXtension

USGI - United States Government Issue

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Ass.

VFG - Vertical Fore/Forward/Front Grip

VLD - Very Low Drag

WC - Wad Cutter

WCS - Worst Case Scenario

WCF - Winchester Center Fire

WDWW - Water Dropped Wheel Weights

WFN - Wide Flat Nose

WFO - Wide Freakin' Open

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - NATO Phonetic Alphabet, See WTF

WIN - Winchester (i.e. .308WIN)

WMR - Winchester Magnum Rimfire (.22 WMR)

WOT - War On Terror

WP - Willie Peter

WP - White (Smokeless) Powder

WQ - Water Quenched

WRT - With Regard To/With Respect To

WSSM - Winchester Super Short Magnum

WTB - Want To Buy

WTF - What The F censored

WTG - Way To Go

WTS - Want To Sell

WTSHTF - When the Sh!t Hits the Fan

WTT - Want To Trade

WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

WW - Wheel Weight

WWB - Winchester White Box

WIP - Work In progress

WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get

XCR - eXchangeable Caliber Rifle

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

YRMV - Your Results May Vary

Z - Zero

Zeds - Zombies

Zn - Zinc

ZPAW - Zombie Post Apocalyptic World

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Looking at the list, which is impressive BTW, I see MOA is minute of angle. I don't see what that means  <dontknow>

I did look it up on yahoo. That was the term that promoted me to make this post. With such a lenghty list it would take a long time to provide definitions for everything, but for some of the most commonly used it could be done. Maybe the top 20 most used or something?  <munch>

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  • 2 years later...

For the record... I believe "ISO" is also the abbreviation for "Isotope"... Not likely that that word would be used on our forum (unless we were discussing the element used in our tritium sights???)... But I thought I'd share nonetheless.



As for the appropriate use (In Search Of).... You will also see similar terms, such as: "WTB" (Want to Buy)... as in our WTB Section

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