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New member with new build


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Wanted to say thanks to everyone here that's helped out with info on my first .308 build, and share pictures of my current progress. I'm just waiting to find a LPK and I can finish her up.


Upper Receiver: Noveske 7.62 N6

BCG: Noveske 7.62 N6

CH: Noveske marked BCM gunfighter mod 4

Rail: Noveske marked SWS free floating rail


Rail panels: Magpul XT ODG

Glass: Fully optioned US Optics SN-3 3.2-17x44 w/ EREK, T-Pal, GAP reticle, 11 position red illum, US #3 mil turret, windage stop, and factory ODG type III coating

Mount: TPS 34mm mount

Misc: Holland Signature anti-cant device


Lower Receiver: Noveske 7.62 N6

Lower parts kit: Armalite AR-10 (once I find one)

Trigger: Geissele Hi-speed "Match"

Safety selector: Noveske ambi 60 degree

Grip: Magpul Miad ODG

Buffer tube: BCM A2 fixed tube

Buffer spring: JP Tuned and polished spring

Buffer: Armalite rifle

Stock: Magpul ODG PRS w/ extended recoil pad


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Thanks fellas! I seen that qd mount on lonewolf's mega maten build on YouTube. I'm just not sure where I want to go with this rifle once I'm done with her. I have another N6 lower and a 16" Noveske barrel with switchblock. If I keep this one then the other parts will end up on the auction block. If I sell this one then all the funds will go into finishing up the other rifle. Keeping both just doesn't seem like an option right now cause there's a special purchase I want to try and make in a few months. :)

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Got bored so I decided to mock everything up.

The scope is turning into an issue after an issue. When I first bought the scope the seller told me it had a 30mm tube and were including a set of TPS rings. While the scope was in transit I found a great deal on some US Optics titanium 30mm rings and decided to purchase them for the build. Well, the scope got here and it turns out it has a 34mm tube. Oh we'll, I figure I can use the rings for something else and I can use the TPS rings until I find a suitable replacement. After mocking everything up it turns out the rings are too low and will need to be replaced sooner than expected.

Anyways, here is the picture of the mock up and hopefully by next week everything will be permanently assembled.


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I might be able to help on the Armalite LPK goofball. Just lemme dig around thru my boxes-o-parts.


Sorry dude. I've been outta town the first part of this week.....and working my F-ing ass off for the rest of it. I've only been breazing in and out of the board since last weekend. I'll let you know if I've got something for ya.



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I don't know if it is determination or being impatient but if I don't find a LPK w/o FCG I'm just going to purchase an Armalite LPK w/ National Match trigger. There seems to be a few vendors that carry that kit and I'll just have to sell the trigger to recoup some of my money back.

If you decide to go that route, let me know.  I'll take the National Match trigger off your hands for you.  I've got one, and it's pretty good.  I'm certain I've got a rifle I can put it in. 

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Little update....


I just ordered 98% percent of the lower parts from riflegear but now I have to try and source a bolt catch and plunger. I know someone had told me I can use a DPMS catch but I noticed from pictures online that the Armalite bolt catch looks a little different. The little finger that sticks out and is activated by the follower looks like it has about 1mm of extra metal below flush, whereas the DPMS is flush.


Does anyone have any experience using a DPMS/CMMG/Bushmaster bolt catch in a AR-10?


Here's a pic of a Armalite bolt catch:








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Thanks for the compliments...


Well, my impatience ended up getting the best of me and I purchased an Armalite LPK w/ 2 stage trigger from DSG. The parts I ordered from Riflegear I'll just end up throwing in my extra N6 lower or keep for spare parts. DSG has one more LPK if anyone is interested.


Also, I've decided to go with a Larue LT112 mount for the scope but before I do, I need to make sure the scope has a 34mm tube and not 35mm.

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