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Dumb luck, but I know a good deal when I see one.


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I have a custom 1972 Datsun 240Z. She is sweetness.

The tires on her are out of life, finished them off at a Laguna Seca track day, Toyo Proxes R888's, now $223 each for my size at Tire Rack. No way I can afford to buy four new at that price right now.

As I was thinking about it last week I thought what the heck I wanna see how much those Toyo's are now at the Rack. Entered my tire size to search and the tire at top of list is this Fuzion ZRi ultra high performance summer tire. $78. Looks like a good tire, reviews were pretty good, great tire for the money was common statement from folks. UPS dropped them off today, yay!!



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The tires on her are out of life, finished them off at a Laguna Seca track day, Toyo Proxes R888's, now $223 each for my size at Tire Rack. No way I can afford to buy four new at that price right now.


I feel your pain. I have 37" Toyo M/T's on my truck. Even when I can find a "good deal" it costs me near $1,500 to replace my tires.


The wife cracked a 20" (Gear) rim last year, playing in the sand. I replaced the wheels and tires with 18" XD Rockstar's (much better ride) and new 37" Toyo's, for about $3200.

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Yeah, haha, I had to put up the pic for ya' guys. I'm not sure if the story was just an excuse to put up the pics. That Z has well over 100k in her, 100 K going on 25 years ago value!!! My best friend built her for a customer whom 4 years ago was down on his luck. Buddy, Greg, arranged the sale of car to me, I paid 6k and put out another 4k back into her, new tires and wheels, brake rotor disks all the way around and other things it needed replaced, 200 air filter I remember now too.

Triple Webber carbs, head reworked by whom was a top 5 in the world Ferrari engine builder, now retired. She has 100 HP over stock for about 250 HP, she weighs 2500 lbs., engine block is from a 280z so more displacement. Cam shaft ground by the Ferrari guy. IT PULLS!!!

Previous owner who had Greg build her drove it daily to work from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz, Ca. Smoked Porsches on the mountain highway 17 all the time. Is this car special? To Z enthusiast who know her she is. Greg had a succesful specialized Z car shop for many years in the south SF Bay Area, Scott Performance. This project of his was one of the ultimates he had done.

We call her the Banshee, you should see Greg's 70 240z, smokes mine without hesitation, he smokes most everything at the track day events around here. 140k now into his "Green Hornet".

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I learned to respect those Z cars, because I was an RX-7 guy, and that Z straight-6 just makes a shitload of torque.  In that same general area, too - Monterey, mid-80s, up to '91.  About the only cars out there that would kick my ass were the damn Z cars.  I used to hate them, but now respect them.  Retrospect, in a way. 


I had a '79 RX-7, and an '87 RX-7.  First year for the first two gens.  The '79 would whip the '87s ass, hands down.  5.0 Mustangs were a joke to the '79...  <laughs>


One day I'll build one up one of the Zs.  I came very, very close a few years ago.  I look forward to it. 

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and how in the heck do you put that much power down NA???must have some scary compression!

It's easy now, brother.  Doesn't mean it's cheap, but it's not hard to do.  Remember when the "Holy Horsepower Grail" was 1hp per cubic inch?  Now, 100hp per liter is easy to do. 


poop, modern sportbikes are close to 200hp in a liter bike. 

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I was around 250hp on a carbed 1979 3-rotor Wankel, and that joker weighed 2,300lbs.  That car was a HOOT!  This was 1988, and it was far from stock.  I still got my ass kicked by some Z cars...  <laughs>


I still want an EFI twin turbo 3-rotor.  That will stomp some ass.  <thumbsup>

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The cam shaft, that is why. Great torque low end, HP really kicks in coming up too 5000 rpm. She handles 7k rpm no problem.You can feel it happen, very distinct and it's a blast. Triple webers don't hurt either. But that Ferrari dude knows what's up, Al Burtoni.

Oh, 5 speed gear box from a 280zx. Rear diff is r200 out of 280z, much stronger than r180 of the 240z. Gears are highway gears in rear. She handles like on rails. Hwy 17 is roller coaster e-ticket ride.

RX 7. You can thank Nissan for that. 240z was such an amazing success in USA that the other Japanese mfg's had to catch up. I still believe it was 240z that put Japanese cars on the map here. Before that they were just a novelty sort of, nobody really gave them much appreciation. The Datsun 2000 before it was nice though. I never lost to a RX7, but I never raced one from the 90's, the turbo, those things are bad to the bone. Toyota Supra TT was, still is, fkn bad ass too.

This is my 3rd 240z, my first car ever was a 73. I had a 350z for awhile when they were first introduced. Greg did 6k in mods for me on that one, cams, piggy back computer, borla exhaust and headers, intake, that thing was , dyno tuning, pretty impressive too, and it sounded so awesome, I miss it.

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Oh the wheels, those are some I had to have custom made. The fender flares are unique, one of kind. Had to try 3 times to get right fitment before the final finish of them, two piece wheels, had to get the centers in right spot, $1500. They have bolts in them that make them look like 3 piece. 50k in body and paint some 25+ years ago. Body showing its age now, needs help, can't afford that no way.

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I'd agree that the Z cars started the attention for Japanese cars.


The Land Cruiser started their offroad attention and those first Toyota 4X4 trucks, not the Land Cruiser style, were very impressive off road.


The 350Z car was very impressive also...hope they continue the tradition!



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