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duracoat in a can


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wife wanted a pink hunting rife  PINK!!!!!!!!!
I tried the new Duracoat in a can product  in progress, still curing
I added some colors so at least its semi Cammoed?
also with the rest of the stuff I got her for X mas
as you can see she likes Pink Cammo
DPMS upper and Lower
VLTOR stock
Mega Arms 20 inch barrel
 this is the new duracoat in a can 2 in one, it works good enough but you have to keep it pretty far from the gun or it will run on you
<iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_onlukWppJU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Nice! That's a great looking camo job! <thumbsup>


I built the wife an AR-15 for with pink furniture Christmas (pics in the Social Media thread) and she loves it. We haven't been able to get out to the range for her to shoot it yet but she drags that thing out to show it off every time someone comes by to visit. Thank God most of our friends are shooters! <lmao>

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same here -17 degrees  and 3 feet of snow, cant get out to the range

she shoots regularly out to 750 Yards, but now that winter is here not going to happen until spring, she was using a 6.5 grendel for deer, but I trained her on a 308, so she prefers it.


she loves shooting



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Been stationed here now for a few years, retiring soon from the Army, after 24 years.

looking to go someplace little warmer, so far my job perspectives are Wyoming and New mexico



I'm just sayin'...  <lmao>


Congrats on the 24 years, brother, BIG TIME.  I stopped at 21.5, back in 2007.  The schit was getting pretty stupid then, and I'd had enough.  By my math, 24 years, soon, would have put you at 20 in about 2009-ish.  I commend you for dealing with it, with this Commander in Chief.  <thumbsup>

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That leaves Wa. wide open and not far from any good state. I must say 1 of 6 states not under a shyt storm of snow!! ( stay warm brothers) plenty of drinking water from the sky too!!

Too much rain and too many Californians have relocated there ruined it for everyone else. That is just sad. The mountains there are great. Lakes are clean and the rivers are cold.
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