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Lining Up Rails???


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Got my new ArmaLite upper and Spikes lower put together today. No real issues assembling the lower but when I shouldered the weapon for the first time I noticed the rails on the handguard and receiver do not line up :rant2:

I don't have a vise, blocks, or anything else for tools that doesn't fit in my range bag. 

Is there an easy fix for this or am I sending it back to ArmaLite to line them up? <dontknow>


Sorry about the poor pictures, couldn't get everything in focus.

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Did the hand guard turn when you tightened that hand guard nut up or did you get this upper complete ?

The upper came complete from ArmaLite. If I could find some directions on how this handguard was installed I may attempt some reverse engineering to fix it,if I have the tools, but nothing I'm finding says a word about how the rails are lined up.

It was on sale but they didn't say a word about seconds or anything ???

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my PRI rail looked like that when I first installed it. the tube has 2 studs that use the holes in the barrel nut to index. I thought I had the barrel nut aligned until I put the tube on and saw it was off a tiny bit. took some back-and-forth to get it just right. easy fix if you have the tools. in your case, I see some fedex in your future.

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  I would call or email Amilite , that should never made it past inspection  or could have been bumped in shipping . They will tell you how or what to do with it . 

 I agree, the hand guard tube is out of alignment , but not sure if just loosening the cinch nut, if it will align correctly or if there is some kind of pin system that was also mentioned .

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Wow...never seen that before.


How about you Rene?

No,but the strap wrench idea is sound.Unless you have a 1 pc. scope mount or Eotech to bridge the 2 rails and tighten it up for alignment.The good news is the direction it has to go will increase thightness. :))  All you guys here forgot more about firarms then I'll ever know. <dontknow>

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I use a long entended mount to bridge the gap.  Lock down the long mount onto upper and rail (both), beat the barrel nut into submission.  Done.

When you say "beat it" would a small brass hammer do it? Should I try to protect the nut from the blows with something? I hate the idea of beating on a new rifle but then it might feel good..............

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This is what I use for installing & aligning upper rails . Problem is yours is already installed &  you need to loosen the hand guard nut up to probably to re-align the rail .

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Made in the USA


Make: AR-15/M4


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Don't beat on that thing. Use the same strap wrench to tighten it back up once it's aligned.


And I agree. That shouldn't have left their factory like that. I guess everybody stumbles from time to time. But that doesn't make it any less annoying.

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