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Is it me?


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Is it me? Or am I the last of the generation to listen to this stuff? I realize that I was born in 66. Old to some of you.....young to others. But this is some pretty cool stuff. To the younger crowd.......pass Benny Goodman (and the like) along to your kids. This is what "our boys" listened to as they took Europe..........and the South Pacific.

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I like the old stuff, that's my bread and butter, but I've always been a man from an earlier time. I had a boss man tell me one time, "This ain't the 1940s and you can't just beat the $#!+ outta somebody for insulting your family." I informed him that if he didn't shut the offending mouth, I would and he'd get to clean up the mess. That little punk got ripped a new one by the aforementioned boss.

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Not my thing but that doesn't mean much. I'm extremely picky when it comes to music, though I don't know any era I don't like any music from, even back to the medieval period.

This is a playlist I made and a good example of the sort of music I go out of my way to listen to, though I also enjoy some specific titles by Tears for Fears, Cindy Lauper, The Bangles, The Suppremes, The Beatles, Jean Michel Jarre, Europe, Queen, Bon Jovi, Ozzie Osborn, Frank Sinatra, The Victor Orchestra, Richard Wagner, Mozart, Beethoven etc.




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This is my idea of classic, I'm sure it's just me!



Lady sniff my twisted Lincoln
Lady walk alone
Lately when I see you baby
Lord I gotta go
Walkin' down that stinky highway
Got to meet my man
Lately when I smell you baby
Whoa, my God Damn
And I say No, yeah, I mean know
Take me back to Detroit, Paul
Lady Sniff my broken teabag, Lady walk the road
Lately when I see that teabag I can't take no more
Lady walk that greasy gravy, Lord, and my teat
Lately when I eat you baby, Lord I just can't see
When I say no, I mean, know, baby, no, not on you baby
Pass me some of that dumbass over there, hey, boy I tell ya.

Lady walk with fur-burger, animally in

Lately when I see you baby, got to have my skin
Lady walk that greasy highway, stinky, holy war
Lately when I see you baby, walkin out my door
'cause I say no, yeah I mean no, it's really comin' now
Boy bring me my bacon, mrahhh

Lady fold my wall-to-wall
Know what the hell you say
Walk 'em on those roly-polys, each and every day.
Lady use my stinky pinky, rooty-dooty-doo
Lately when I see you baby don't know what I do.
And I say No, yeah no, 

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