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SIG SP2022


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So, I won a Sig SP2022 in a raffle but it was in Phoenix and I'm waiting for it to get to my LGS. Any of you guys have any experience with this particular gun? It's a 40 S&W. I know Sig's in general are pretty good guns but I have absolutely no experience with this one.

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Yes!  They are good low-end pistols!


I've shot both the 9mm and the .40 S&W.  Both felt good in my hands (about half the size of your Yeti mitts  <laughs> ), were accurate, and were reliable for the few rounds I shot them.


Not really worth much in trade.  Keep it!  Never know when you'll need a cheap (free) pistol.

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It's a really nice handgun that nobody knows about. Great trigger feel, although the decocking lever feels different from a P226 (not bad, only different feel). Mine shoots really well, on par with any sig out there. 



....dare I say "better than a Glock".   <laughs>

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It was a 4 gun raffle put on by the Choir Boys LEMC in Phoenix for their C.U.F.F.S. run (the same one I was at last year when I met you for lunch Tom). The other guns were a Thompson 45 ACP carbine, a Uberti 45 Colt SAA, and an Auto Ordinance 1911. I actually bought the ticket at our Fallen Officer Run in El Paso back on the 1st. of September, I didn't make it to the Phoenix run due to the budget issues I've had.




If they do it again next year I'll post contact info for any of you guys that want to get tickets.


BTW, we (New Mexico Region Choir Boys) will be raffling off an RIA Tactical 1911 at our run in late May or early June, one of these;




I will be doing a trigger job on it and probably some other upgrades, I might even try and talk Tom into doing a FDE Cerakote job on it!


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I got the SP2022 in 40 S and W. I picked up a 357 Sig. Barrel for it but havent tried that yet. Like a lot of carbon fiber frames it feels top heavy and takes a little getting used to. It is huge! But makes up for it by being light. It weighs 3 oz less than my 1911 Officers model. Fobus makes a pancake holster that fits it nicely. My son doesn't like the trigger, but it doesn't bother me. I have the Sig night sights (fixed). They are designed to "cover" the target like a lot of modern pistols, rather than a "6 o'clock' sight picture. They shoot dead on at ten yards for everyone but me who has tried them. They shoot two inches left for me, but that is due to eye damage I got a long time ago.

Overall, for the price it is a heck of a bargain. I am thinking of upgrading to a Sig P227 in 45 ACP, but if I do I may just hang on to this one any way. I have size XXL mitts and really like that they have multiple backstrap inserts of varying widths to best fit your hand.

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