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Black thorn 7.62x51

Big BS

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OP, cut your losses and just sell it on the local CraigsList or local Backpage.  Dump it and move on to something else.


Nobody here can possibly diagnose the amount of $hit you're going to go through with that contraption.


Research below - click that and read up.



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Here's a Blackthorne rifle for ya, OP - first shot ever from this rifle.  Watch the vid.




Embedded the bolt in the guy's neck or shoulder.


That's a confidence builder in the brand, if I ever saw one.  True testament to the quality of the $hit they offer, too.


Get some!

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Check your gas block/tube by using airfrom an air hose or a can, put a fired. Brass shell in the chamber and blow it thur the gas tube end inside the upper reciever. Make sure you plug the end of the barrel.. if the brass case come out ... That's NOT your problem !

Then check the ejector and extractor.

Good Luck. You may need it !

I fixed a Black Thorne rifle once they Loctited so much stuff

and didn't tighten anything right. Loose handguard ,replaced ejector spring.

Installed springs backwards, gas block wasn't aligned. Took me 3.5 hours to make it right..

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Oh God, Blackthorne...

My friend's cousin bought one of their .308 stainless uppers. It wouldn't cycle for crap so he asked me to take a look at it.

Here's a summary of what I found wrong:

-Mis-aligned gas port to barrel extension (gas port was not at TDC).

-Mis-aligned clamp on gas block (only about 1/3 of the gas block hole was over the gas port).

-Loose gas block screws with no threadlocker.

-Undersized gas block (the gas block hole that goes over the gas port was smaller than the gas port).

-Poorly machined cam track (the cam pin would get stuck because the track wasn't machined large enough).

-Wrong extractor spring (they used a weak AR-15 one with no o-ring, it had very little tension).

I ended up having to realign the gas block, put threadlocker on the gas block screws, grind down the cam track a bit, and get a new extractor spring for it. Before that this gun wouldn't cycle 5 rounds in a row before having an FTE.

Robocop was with me one of the times I was troubleshooting this upper.

I'll echo the "start with the gas system" suggestion. If all is ok there, see if the BCG cycles smoothly by hand (work the action slowly). You should be able to feel any hangups. Also, check your extractor tension. Sometimes your failure to extract can be caused by the extractor letting go too early due to not enough tension.

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I have a Black thorne 308 upper and it was very agravating to get it up and running properly . I changed the springs in the extractor and ejector (both were very soft ) and put a new extractor from another bolt head (with an oring over the spring)and it works fine now .The chamber is cut too short so i have to set the shoulder back about .005 more than the die will go so that took grinding the bottom of the die off . Because of this i cant use factory loaded ammo.

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