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been a while...


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Well ladies and gents,


Let me start this out by saying I apologize for being gone for so long. It's been a rough patch for the past year and a half.


BUT... in that time frame...


I had lost my job, gone through a knock down drag out divorce :909:, moved (twice), and now just struggling to get by on a day to day biases.


For a while it was real hard to find a job in the field I specialize in unless I wanted to go back overseas to work. After the last time I was there though and was in an IED explosion, I have decided I don't want to do that. So the search continues.


I did manage to land a job in the private security world locally, it's not the best paying gig, but at least I'm employed.


I managed to secure a good portion of my belongings before and firearms before everything else was lost.


And now I think I'm in a house that I hope to be staying in for a while. It may be small, but I call it home. Along with that, I have a girlfriend that takes good care of me too.


I'm still practicing working on firearms here locally and working on getting my name out there to be recognized  in that field, but it's hard to land a job when half the gun shops don't have a repair shop on site anymore.


Either way, I'm back and looking at helping in anyway that I can as rude and crude as I can be. :blahblah:





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Damn glad to see you back, Pat!!!  :ecs:


Gawd Dammit, Rob, quit falling down...  :bat:


I think... I think...  I think...  alot.  I think your name is already out there, to those that know.  I think we need to get your name out there to everyone else...


...And start a 308AR/AR15 Armorer's course.  YOU are the credentials, brother.  YOU are the Armorer's School.  Grad Certs read: Pat Raley's AR Armorer's Course.  You know that will work, but it take's time to mainstream your name.  Those in the know already know you, so run a few courses, in places that make geographic sense.  Start small, with 3 a year, 4 a year, just in your spare time - literally.  No $hit, it won't take long to make it bigger than that.  You'll never have to travel overseas, just CONUS.  Hell, you can even avoid places you dislike, and only hit the places you like - people will travel. 



Pat:  "What am I supposed to do with my life?..."


Jim Morrison:  "You should build an AR Armorer's Course, Pat..."


Pat:  "How am I gonna get the students to come?..."


Jim Morrison:  "If you book them, they will come..."  


You need to market YOU, brother.  Nobody in this industry can do what YOU can do, or has the history that YOU do, man.  That's no BS.  I'll even lay down money that if you book something close to Idaho, we can get a weird naked Indian to the course...  <lmao>

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I'm still practicing working on firearms...


That was funny, coming from you...  <lmao>


Good to hear your back on your feet, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!

Or leaves you looking like Tom...


THAT was fucked up...  you can go eat a bowl of dicks, and snack on a bag of smashed a$sholes...  :fawkdance:

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You give me a bottle of Ranch and that's a meal.

TomAss has a point (he has a spot too)... Mr Raley can fill an armorer course in a hot nuclear flash. I know out here they're charging upwards of $400 to $500 a head, just to sit down. 10-15 guys to a 2-day class could pull $4k-$7500 in a weekend.

The California trick is to get P.O.S.T. certified. Calif LE will only take POST certified courses because the state reimburses their training costs.

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