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8-19-2015 Forum Upgrade Bugs and Issues


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Post bugs and issues


  1. Missing warnings - Gone forever, start over
  2. Speed - Fixed
  3. Desktop button on the mobile screen - Out of our control at the moment.
  4. "Is there no way now to find the list previously entitled "My Content""
  5. Emojis missing
  6. Attachments not visible or missing
  7. Navigation items in both templates - Out of our control. Forum is a single template for mobile and desktop
  8. Convince 98Z5V to shave his chest - Waiting on Tom to purchase baby oil
  9. (98Z5V)One thing I noticed - posting pics into a reply.  Later, make another reply to something completely different, and it automatically attached the same pic onto that new reply, from a previous, unrelated post.  I had to go back in there and edit it out.  Working from a desktop.It did that 3 different times, so it's a glitch in the software somewhere...
  10. Pictures posting too large - resized
  11. Content being quoted without choosing to quote.
  12. Signatures - Currently disabled
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A few things, again we cant do much about the colors. Software is too new and the updates from Invision are pretty frequent as they address issues. The old version used two separate templates. One for mobile, one for desktop.  This version uses a responsive theme. That means it automatically adjusts based on the device you are visiting with.

While there are things we could do to make things different those "things" could be wiped out by an update two minutes later. So the appearance stuff we are going to have to ride out for a while so the third party folks can catch up and keep up. 

Signatures and emoticons, we will get to that it's just not at the top of the list. Speed issues will be addressed as well but that going to be a separate project for Jason. His priority is to fix severely broken shit here and convert tactical22 from SMF to IPB at its new location rimfireworld.com

It's important to note this change was not an easy decision. Im not a fan of being an early adopter with this stuff but we had to address security first and foremost and the IPB folks would not support the old software in the same manner they support this new version. We also did not need to spend the money at a time when things are not good in the industry. I was backed against the wall with no choice.


You guys can feel free to keep an eye out for Invision Power Board themes and skins. It must be for version 4.X.X and not 3.X.X


Thanks for the help patience and helping of each other. We will get here.

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I discovered by accident that if you pull up New content, go through the first one, and then select the "Next Unread Topic" at the bottom of the page it takes you not only to the next topic but to the first unread post.  You can't be selective, but it forces more reading.  (Hell, this should probably be in the other thread!)

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Somehow, Magwa and I ended up with the same avatar. I don't think he changed his on purpose and I know I didn't change mine. Have no clue how that happened unless of course you guys are having some fun........?

think it just may have been a glitch in your computer or somthing I saw the post in the hand guns and they were each their respected avitar

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