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New guy from California (not a carzy liberal)


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Hey guys

Just started my first gun build, and ran into a few snags and figured you guys could help me out.  Been really interested in building one for a while and finally decided to just jump in!  I got a KE arms forged ar10 lower 80%er and a 5d tactical jig.  I got a PSA lower kit over memorial day weekend and the take down pin and pivot pin are too short.  I figured they are for a ar15 so I ordered just the 2 pins from PSA but specifically ordered the PSA10 pins this time. I just got them in today and what do you know.....thay are too short.  Any of you guys run into this problem? Any idea? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.

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Gotta find out what KE Arms is using for dimensions.  Fastest way to gain that info will be a phone call directly to them.  Find out what pattern or standard they are basing their 80% lower on.

Welcome aboard - as you've seen, these ain't AR15s.  There is no set standard, no set pattern to follow, and some manufacturers (PSA specifically) have been doing their own thing.

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Indeed the plethora of parts and their differences are baffling to a 1st time builder these guns are NOT AR15,s as was stated above mixing parts from this manufacturer and that one sometimes is not the best option...but there are people who know all the different parts here on this forum you came to the right place ....good luck...

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Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.  Part of the fun in building AR308s, particularly 80% lowers, is using your mill, dremel, and measuring tools to achieve a functioning rifle.  After a while, you will learn that if you decide on a caliber you want to build and then a barrel, you can get your barrel and your 80% lower first.  Since your barrel will be either DPMS or Armalite pattern you can then order your upper.  With the lower in hand you can measure what length you need for your pins and shop until you find the correct length.  I stopped getting lower kits and have gone to buying the pieces individually after doing a couple of 80% lowers from different manufacturers since some need extended magazine release buttons, slightly different pin sizes, different bolt catches, etc.  Since I have been going with upgraded triggers I don't want those in a kit.  Since I know whether my barrel will be DPMS or Armalite I can decide on a BCG, and with my upper I can measure the tang to get the correct height on the handguard.  The mill and dremel help make everything fit together.  Then you can start with standard buffer setups and change out springs and buffers when you start testing.  You can be like SS and not use adjustable gas blocks or like me and always use adjustable gas blocks and use different methods to tune the rifle.  If your barrel is a mid-length or rifle length you will need to determine whether you need Armalite or DPMS gas tubes.  Finally you can choose a stock, brake and optics to complete the build, or if they ever pass the hearing protection act acquire or make a noise reduction device (I won't wait a year to get a stupid piece of paper from a useless government agency).  Perhaps it is because I am an engineer, but the process is FUN.

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I've noticed this situation lately, I was assembling a M1 Machining lower and found they are spec'd for pins slightly longer than the typical DPMS LR308 length - Being in California, are you going fixed mag or featureless? if you are going fixed mag, you might consider something like this:http://www.ebay.com/itm/308-Extended-Take-Down-Pin-Set/182523721665?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

I don't generally recommend buying firearm parts on ebay but a good friend picked up a set for his build and upon inspection they fit well and looked to be manufactured by someone that knew what they were doing. Also M1 sells a conventional set of pins for their lower, standard DPMS spec diameter but, maybe .060"-.080" longer


As 98 indicated, best to check with KE Arms first to find out exactly what you are dealing with:thumbup:

And welcome from California! This place is like living at the circus!

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Thanks guys for the welcome.   Yeah I didn't realizehow different ar10s can be from 15's as far as brand to brand.  Like I said this is my first (of many) gun build and thank you for your info and patients.   I will be contacting KE later today to find out the specs on the pins.  It never crossed my mind that different brands would have different sized pins.  Again thanks for the welcome and I'm sure I will have a few not questions along the way.  



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