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*Limited Release* Sharps Relia-Bolt


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I'm breaking a couple rules here, but I promise I'll fix it in the long run...

Two years ago I got an inside hit on these bolts. I lost track of the guy that made them, and only recently reunited with him. He and I have been working on a "special project" (to be released soon) and he advised that he still had all these bolts to offload.

On 3/5/2017 at 7:44 PM, Robocop1051 said:

These are exclusive pictures from the Metalurgist who made them. I believe these are all made from S7 steel, which is FAR greater quality than C158.

The last heat treatment put their Rockwell hardness waaaaay too hard and the bolts were brittle. The guy doing the original process was not a Metalurgist and had no experience with metal beyond the industry standard. That was the reasoning behind the piss poor 2014 review found on barfcom... combined with the fact that the guy was running a suppressed Mk18... this caused a recall of almost 2,500-3,000 bolts, because there were no "lot #" to refer to.

This is how my Metalurgist buddy got involved. Not only is he intimately familiar with S7, he's also familiar with various heat/cooling processes to handle such metals. The bolts have since been retreated with a new heat process, reducing their hardness and brittle nature, and increasing their strength. This process uses a vacuum and gas cooling process. The gas combination used is what causes the discoloration. The color is permeated into the metal, but would eventually wear. There is a clear cerakote over the bolt to protect against color wear. The clear coat actually made the color on the bolts pop out even more.

There's no denying... these are THE MOST unique bolts you've ever laid eyes on. 

Now feel free to hate me...



Here's what I know about them...

  • These are authentic Sharp's Relia-bolts, made from S7 tool steel.
  • These are NOT Ion-bond treated, hence the special color.
    • The color is created from as special heat treatment, that is random, from piece to piece.
  • Each bolt will be cerkote'd in clear gloss (MC-156Q) to protect the unique color.
    • MC-156Q is also the strongest "color" that Cerakote makes.
  • This is a limited release, from a private person. He will guarantee the bolt, but only to the inventory that he has. 
    • If a similar colored bolt is available, he said he will replace it. Otherwise a standard Relia-Bolt will be used to replace it.
    • He stated that he has seen about 25k rounds on the same kind of Relia-Bolt, without issue/failure.

Here is the kicker, and why I'm kinda breaking a rule... He's trying to sell these and not lose his ass in the process. I had originally thought there would be a discount on these items, but he said that his cost was a lot higher than I had known. Currently Relia-Bolts sell for about $79.99 (+s&h). I believe I can get these OUT THE DOOR for $85.00 flat.

This is not my personal sale. I am putting this up for an outside dealer, my friend, who is looking for some feelers to know if this is worth his effort.

You guys let me know what you think.

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Ok. This is happening now. 

We are headed to SHOT this week, so all the bolts will be shipped the following week, around February 1st. 

All payments can be made through me. I accept PP (rob@308ar.com) and Venmo (PM for info)

$85ea, free shipping. 

This is a one time offer, and once these unique bolts are gone, they are gone. 

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