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Et tu benchmade?

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I see it as Benchmade doing their local LE agency a solid. If the law requires these specific, individual weapons be destroyed, then so be it.

It's not as though Benchmade is teaming up with anti-gun groups and offering their services in furtherance of "cutting guns out of America."

I'd say give them a pass, but I don't see this as a situation where a pass would be necessary.

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1 hour ago, edgecrusher said:

I read it, poor handling of the  information presented in the OP, I think. This happens everywhere, but a simple thank you got turned around by the social justice warriors. Look closely and you can see some guy in his moms basement asking for more meatloaf saying, “This is how I stay relevant “

I couldn't agree more.

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One way or another they are court order to be destroyed. Maybe benchmade is the only suitable machine shop in the town. They offer a service to local PD to assist them in something they are incapable of doing on their own. I don’t find fault in this. Saying they are participating in leftist policy is a bit extreme. The firearms need to be destroyed or the citizens pay the burden of storage. Pick your poison. 


Im good with it.

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Even though I’m in the biz... both sides.... I have a strong feel for lots of confiscations that occur to decent people that end up in shitty situations.

• A friend of mine, in California, was shooting his AR’s and a Forest Ranger decided his bullet button wasn’t good enough, and she arbitrarily took all his guns. A public defender suggested just relinquishing his firearms to have the charges dropped. He couldn’t afford a private attorney to fight the charges. He lost several thousands that day. Everything was later destroyed. 

• Another friend was out shooting in an area he thought was BLM. He’d been shooting in the same location his whole life. Rangers took his guns and states that he had to prove ownership to get them back. I assisted him in getting copies of receipts, only to have the sheriff office say the guns were lost. 90 days later he gets a letter saying that the guns were destroyed because of his failure to recover them. WTF!  

• I fight for “suspects” rights against anxious cops all the time. I’ve even told off my own family for making shitty arrests... my BIL made an arrest on the victim of a home invasion. The home owner showed off his 80% AR pistol as the weapon he used to chase the invaders away. My BIL arrests the victim for owning an unregistered firearm and having an SBR... he didn’t know the difference, and unfortunately most cops don’t. The laws are so complicated in Ca, many don’t bother to keep up and then make piss poor decisions.  

The situation for me is that because I don’t 100% agree with the reasons why guns are taken, I think LE agencies should be required to destroy the items at their own cost. There are a plethora of legitimate business that specialize in the destruction of items such as these. My own agency uses a special facility to do this. If an agency has to take on this expensive task, then they’ll think twice about taking shit that doesn’t belong to them.  

Benchmade taking the job to alleviate the cost to the dept is wrong... in my book. If they want to help out, they could find a 1000 different ways that wouldn’t be misconstrued as liberal backing. The fact remains, they have a history of financially backing the wrong guy. This is the cherry on top.... or more appropriately, the nail in the coffin. Benchmade is dead to me. 

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That being said, a guy I know in town is selling both his Benchmade autos, I’m thinking because of this all for half of what he paid new, they have wear, but in good looking shape. I look at it like my truck, I didn’t buy it from the manufacture none of my money went to them sooooooo what’s it matter

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