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Hello! New to the forum.


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 I've only been on one other forum, invertebrates, which I rarely participate anymore. 

 I little about myself, Vietnam veteran, served in both U.S.M.C. and U.S.Navy, avid shooter, retired, and been reloading 40+ years. I've been around firearms my entire life starting at age 8, hunting rabbit and pheasant with my father and his brothers using a 20 gauge single shot.

 I recently gotten into the AR-10 platform with my first purchase 2 months ago, a POF Rogue in .308, it's okay but can't cycle reloaded 7.62X51 LC ammo a little disappointed by that. In the future I'd like to build one that is capable of cycling 7.62 since I have several hundred cases sitting in a bucket just waiting. 

 Remember: "A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work." 


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 Thanks for all the replies, since my initial post I've been surfing the forum, lots of info to be read.

 @shooterrexI trimmed all the 7.62 brass to 2.006" same as the .308 brass, after running them through the sizing dies. Some of the 7.62  were sized twice. I believe the brass was fired from MGs which made sizing difficult. BTW, I'm in Cowtown, Ohio. Lol!

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Welcome from Iowa! 

It might not reliably run your handloads now but that can be made to happen. For a start will it run the cheap steel case russian stuff? I don't recommend running it regular but it is a good low power factory load to get a comparison with, how stout are those reloads?

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15 hours ago, SilverDragon said:

which made sizing difficult.


I hate reloading non-civilian brass, there is some out there that works but man, get a fat soft one stuck in a die and pull the rim off and it pretty much ruins your afternoon. Also less volume if I remember correctly. 

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@jtallen83My reload recipe is as follows: 7.62X51 LC brass, Winchester LRP, Hornaday 150 FMJBT, 42.5 gr. VARGET, C.O.L 2.695" this should push around 2600fps. The .308, which cycled fine, mixed headstamps, Winchester LRP, Hornaday 150 FMJBT, 44 gr. IMR 4895, C.O.L 2 698" primarily used in my 110 Tactical bolt rifle. Never fired steel case ammo, the range sells it, but you can't fire it there.

 As shooterrex suggested maybe have the chamber redone with a 7.62 reamer?

 @AlbroswiftI agree, military brass is sometimes a PITA to resize. 5.56 NATO was troublesome until purchasing a carbide die set, I still lube the cases before sizing though. I have standard .308 dies, probably need to invest in a carbide set, down the road.

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43 minutes ago, SilverDragon said:

I have standard .308 dies, probably need to invest in a carbide set,

Spendy. Probably not necessary but who am I to judge! I looked at the Lyman "carbide" a while back but, when I read the description I think only the expander ball was carbide. The Dillon says "Carbide sizing die" $210 for the one die and backordered. Imperial sizing lube and steel dies does the trick for me. Have a Hornady set and a RCBS Small Base Die that I use for 308, crimp with a Lee FCD, some others floating around for backup. (Haven't needed those since I quit getting brass stuck!) Have a tool head with Dillon size and seating die for 223, think 556 head is set up with old Lyman dies, use the same Lee FCD for both. Haven't done any 556 in years, hate screwing with primer pockets. 

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