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Just Because


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What is your "just because" gun?

The one you want that you can't really justify for any purpose at all.  The one that may be inferior to everything else you already own, may be obsolete, or cumbersome.  The one that people look at and might say "Why did you buy that?!"

I have a bunch!  Bet you guys do also.

For rifles with me it is some sort of falling-block action.  Several are intriguing.  A Ruger No.1 in .30-06 with open sights, a quality Remington falling-block replica, one of the new Steven's Favorite .22 rifles, a Sharps replica in something AWESOME like .45-110!

Carbines...just one remembered some others.  Iver Johnson made a M-1 Carbine for a year or two in stainless steel.  I could settle for one of the M-1 Carbines converted to 9mm Magnum.  A Class 3 Uzi in .45acp too.

Pistols...where to start!  Either or both of an AMT 1911 Hardballer Longslide (.45acp) or Javelina Longslide (10mm).  A break-top .22 revolver like the old H&R 999.  Rossi also has a break-action .22 double barrel pistol. 

What about shotguns?  Just a couple.  A CZ Bobwhite in 28guage, 26" barrels.  And a custom-fit double SxS costing $80,000.

Just because.


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