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Brew for you


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What's your favorite brew fellas? You got your dinner brew/ your after work brew/ your fishing or camp fire brew/ home made brew/ what's on tap in your pub of choice! At this time and juncture I'm sipping a pikes kilt lifter. I like the fat tire as well, on tap is always a Mac and jack! Slugging back a camp beer goes to a can of coors or pbr cheep and light weight drink enough and they all taste good! My bro brews a good red home brew but has yet to perfect the finial recipe .

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Been drinking alot of different micro brews latly I like darker beers stouts and porters. Two I really like are aged in Bourbon barrels one is a stout call dragons milk brewed in Holland Mi the other is Kentucky bourbon barrel ale. If I'm at the bar for the night or camping miller 64. I like my mixers tho too

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Just a plain old Miller Genuine Draft guy myself. I'm content with a beer that's been brewed in a million gallon vat. As long as it's COLD. And I'm with Rene about the Bud. Never did like it. Even as a young (under-age) broke ass kid. laffs.gif

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Coors sponsors the Fiesta de Los Vaqueros, the Tucson rodeo.


My buddy came out from Virginia, we got box seats for the opening day.  Bought his obligatory cowboy hat, then snorted "Coors?!  Isn't that supposed to be nasty?"


An hour later he was waving his beer cup around "Yeeeee HAAAAWWWW!!!!"



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The pub of my choice is my den, and the beer that's always on tap is Ziegenbock Amber Ale. Matter of fact, I just ordered another keg today! It's a lot like Shiner Bock and since it's a regional beer Shiner is always my second choice.

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While I'll drink (and enjoy!) damn near anything, the Coors Silver Bullet is my go to, long time, friend. He waits for me to come home from work. Goes fishing with me, loves going hunting an camping, goes well with every meal, and is social enough for when the in-laws are over.

I took a 30pk on an off road trip with my wife, back when we were first dating. I figured it would last me the entire trip. The little lady and I polished off all 30 the first night, acting like wild animals in the middle of the NV desert.

The money I save by drinking Coors, is quickly spent on my affliction with expensive scotch. Johnny Walker, Glen Fiddich, Glen Livet... 18yrs or better!! I save a bottle of Black Label when my grubby friends come over and think they can handle scotch. There's always a faithful bottle of Jack around too. Although I find myself cooking with it more than drinking it lately.

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Yeah .. I can relate to cooking with liquir .I got a $30 bottle of Brandy thats so harsh I cant drink it but it is great to marinate beef with.

Dont have to worry about people drinking the good stuff any more. Lost ALL of my fair weather freinds years ago with the divorce.

Im happy to drink Miller High Life or one of our Local brews like 4 Peaks or a draft at the Brewery next to the ballpark downtown.

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Coors Light most commonly for me too.  I have been trying some dark beers over the last few years.  Shiner Bock was my first intro into the dark side.  I have no big favorites that I buy repeatedly.  I just try different things that look good when I'm at the store.  My wife calls them "chewy beers" and sticks to Coors Light.

I tried this one and could only drink one.puke.gif   It was worse than the apple pie moonshine I bought at the liquor store (and poured out).

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