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Turns out I cant have a cool bolt action


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Time to get the fcuk outta there, Drew.  I can't tell you that enough.


Moving might seem "impossible..." - but it's completely possible.  I've done it enough. 


You'll survive.  You'll survive much better, some-fucking-place else, too.

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You live in Cali.  Your argument is moot. 


<lmao>   <laughs>   :laughing4:


Crap that made me laugh!


Well Drew...there goes your future Lee-Enfield collection, Ruger/Savage Scouts, mods like Tom did to his Remmy, and any MAS 36 purchases.


Really a shame about the MAS too...most have never been fired and only dropped once.



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You live in Cali.  Your argument is moot. 


Now I don't care who you are that is funny as hell still cleaning coffee off the monitor... LMFAO



P.S. It baffles my mind that Mass also has draconian laws and yet they have a patriots day how can that be the two do not fit together...

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