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Robocop1051's AR-47... Krink style!


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My pistol parts have slowly been trickling in. I'm being very picky about quality and construction on this. This is going to be my backpack gun, and travel ever where with me.

Here's a little sneak peek. .

7.5" melonite 7.62x39 barrel with Krink style brake.



Update: 11/07/2017

• ASA Side Charge Upper

• Adams Arms Pistol Length Piston (low profile) Kit

• Vltor CASV-M Handguard (discontinued)

• Vltor CASV Front Sight, w/ Blitzkrieg sight post

• Troy rear (FDE) Battle Sight  

I don’t remember ANYTHING about the barrel, other than it was 8” 1:10 CMV with a melonite finish. It also had a “M4” contour, making it lighter than most other options available the the time. 

The muzzle device is an all steel, 4-piece “Krinkov” style comp. It works very similar to the Noveske KX3/KX5 muzzle devices, but with a Russian attitude. The 4-piece are very hard to find. Most options are 2 or 3 piece, or the very inexpensive 1 piece (which is just a blast redirector). 

This bastard weighs a TON, and totally defeated my idea of being a backpack accessory.


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Don't mistake this as a hunting or target build. At $200 per 1k rounds, this is 100% intended to be a "fun gun".

This has a second purpose of being a carry piece. Meaning strictly two legged targets. Optimal range being sub 50 yards and a maximum range being 100-150. I hate using the acronym but if SHTF, this will be one hellofa shooter. I want an AR I can throw in my small backpack and have with me when I'm out with the family. I want to to carry enough punch to handle anything I confront within CQB range... If they're any further away than that, I have room to run away.

Don't mistake this as the average, run-o-the-mill, type of pistol either. I'm tiptoeing the SBR line so close, I have to shave twice a day just to keep from crossing the feds.

I'm no Travis Haley, but if that SOB can whack steel at 700+ meters with an 8" subsonic 300Blk, I think I'll manage for what I have intended.

Edited by Robocop1051
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  Having 30 rd's is a plus.  I would like to see Chrono results between the 16" & 7.5 " , just out of curiosity . No doubt the projectile will go far & you can hit stuff with it , but baming away with a rifle cartridge from a pistol , is not going to be the same as a rifle platform. I'm sure you know that , but I just picture it like one of those cartoons , where the guy shoots a hundred rounds & all it does is leave an out line of his body shape . <lmao>

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This is the device I grabbed...


I'm sure it's the same design.

As for what I expect... Not much more than a magnum pistol. I'll bet I'm still near 2k fps with the lighter loads. Considering a 9mm or 357sig is 1300-1500 fps, I think a .30 cal pill will still perform at a lethal capacity. The 7.62x25 was plenty deadly enough. Depending on how well the platform works out I do expect it to outperform a standard pistol.

I'm not so jaded to think this is a substitute for a rifle. If I could actually have an SBR I'd definitely go for a 10.5-12.5 inch rifle. As it stands, this build will be two parts. The 7.62x39 you see above, and a second upper I plan on using for work. The second will likely be the 5.56x45 Mk18 or BCM 11.5".

(if I could have a suppressor, I'd get the 300Blk, 2-in-1, short barrel/suppressor combo)

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I want a diaper bag avenger myself. something to bring to the mall or park or posted places when I'm hanging out with my little bug. I can't afford a new build but I can probably convert one of my 16" ARs.

Blue, a LAW Folding Stock Adapter makes a WOOOORLD of difference. Instantly takes 10" off your rifle.

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  • 8 months later...

Been wanting to build a "fun gun" this is exactly what I'm thinking, cheap to shoot and different

Few questions in my fun gun I've wanted to put one out those hyper fire or giessele fast set triggers in, would this be practical in pistol length or should I stay rifle length (I want to do short as possible with out a stamp)

Number 2 question is answered I found robo's other post on his rifle length gun

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