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Police have not one but TWO grenade launchers...


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Good ol BookFace...getting used to fire people up over nothing. They have grenade launchers because someday you hippies might try to occupy the park for a month and may need a little extra persuasion to GTFO!

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Funny how the least dangerous and nonthreatening weapon they acquired in that program is the one everyone's up in arms about. That's kinda like me going to a gun store, buying a pepper spray, AR-15, 1911 and Benelli SBE and my family and friends flipping out over the pepper spray.

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 He's a big fan of Ron Paul. Allot of old school liberals have sort of buddied up with the real hard core conservatives in the aftermath of the patriot act which; in the eyes of many liberals, proved what hardline conservatives have been warning about for years prior. On gun control in particular, when Penn and Teller made their episode on gun control and Suzanna Hupp gave her now famous speech on gun control allot of liberals got the attitude of, "Blowing Bambie's brains out with an AK47 I can't understand. Protecting ourselves against government abuse makes sense." Allot of Liberals have since turned libertarian themselves, realizing that it's the only "live and let live" political philosophy that actually gets you the intended results.


 Using a couple thumpers for tear gas seams kinda silly. But his point is otherwise valid.


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 Using a couple thumpers for tear gas seams kinda silly. But his point is otherwise valid.




However, if they're 40mm Thumpers, and not 37mm guns, then they have a whole arsenal of different rounds at their (military) disposal- HE, HEDP, WP, Cannister rounds, Flechette rounds, etc.









You can't shoot that $hit ^^^  from a 37mm gun...

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