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CNN Poll!!


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If the SHTF, nobody wins.

Ok, this is true.

My failed attempt at humor.

Either way I feel like if you're going to own firearms then teaching your kids how to handle them properly with respect and safety is paramount. And ONLY under close adult supervision. The younger the better. And that has nothing to do with placing a full rock-n-roll Uzi in their hands.

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I had my youngest shooting a 1911 when he was 7 and he shot his first IPSC match with a 1911 at 10. I started him out shooting the 1911 seated and only one round in the gun, then we progressed to two rounds and so on. Handing a full auto Uzi to a nine year old with no confirmed training is just plain stupid!

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I started my son shooting when he was 5. He started with a 22 rifle and a 22 pistol. Then he moved up to my 45. 1 round at first then 2 and worked his way up to a full magazine. And when I got a new gun we sat down and I showed it to him. We took it apart and put it back together. Then he wasn't courious about it any more. He is 20 now and is a better shot than me. I reckon I thought him too well.

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