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I hope this kid learned something.....


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something similar happened at my home back in the 60's...my Dad had a black and white big ole tv mounted inside the wall in the living room...way beyond the times

So one day after school I was babysitting for her... me and her were watching the Cisco Kid...she was about 5 years old...she had her cowgirl hat on and two six gun cap pistols strapped to her side...she was just standing there watching Poncho and Cisco...all of a sudden she didnt like what was going on...and before I knew it she drew,and launched her six gun right into the tv!   it blew out the picture tube or rather it imploded...boom ...gone!  Mom and Dad get home....and I got my azz whipped for letting her do that to his pride and joy!

:)  Wash

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/\/\/\/\ <laughs>


Oh man! What a different age that was.


We had a wooden screen door on the front of the house...not like you see these days, it was solid with a screen on the upper half.  Probably weighed 30#s or more.


Came home with Mom, Dad, and brother after a summer monsoon hit and the door was hanging by one hinge.  Sis opens the front door, Dad says something along the lines of "What did you do?!?!"

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I'm sure his dumb C bag of a mom went to best buy and bought a new one

This guy I knows 7 year old was playing call of duty and thru his control thru his 40" flat screen.........his punishment was he got a 46"

TV..........I wanted to punch the dad in the nuts as had as I could so he can't bred anymore D bag kids

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He should be double pissed since he was in the 6 ring at that close range. He absolutely should've center punched that screen from that distance.

As a kid I was a bit of a book reader, but never read a book twice. The top shelf of my closet was lined with paperbacks from all the novels I read through the years. In my teen years I used to lay in bed with my pump BB pistol, shooting what ever I could load down the barrel into the spines of all those books. Even wall posters were open season, as I shot out the eyes of every sports (Bo Jackson and Mark McGwire) or super model (Erika Elaniak and Brooke Burke). My parents were pissed when I moved out. All the walls were dotted with little copper BB's and the books were destroyed......

But at least my grouping was tight!!!!

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