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Sometimes I struggle to not slap someone through a screen


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Was commenting on a local guns for sale board, someone had posted up a picture of a rifle for sale locally for $800 with a scope and ammo. He said his father was looking to buy this LR308. Then after a few other comments he said "no wait, its not an LR308, its an AP4". sigh. I started getting ready to explain how if its a dpms AR platform in 308, its an LR308, but I didn't have the energy

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Agree. I'll correct noobs in here because that's why we're here.

On a normal gun forum, if someone is asking a question or giving incorrect advice I'll step in. Doesn't get me worked up either way. That seems like a pretty minor slip anyway. Many people who post about LR308s have the 24" target guns, possibly confusing some to think that is the nomenclature.

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Momma jokes as a kid.

You'r momma wears combat boots.

You'r momma's a bottle hustler.

You'r momma wears a mattress on her back.

you'r momma's so ugly ,when she was born the doctor slapped her mother.There was alot of humbugs started over that $hit. :bat:  <laughs>

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And just think......all of the morons that that we meet/deal with, were the fastest sperm.

Nature has it ways of evening the playing field.

The only people i want to slap online are those whos pompousness deters new people from joining in and learning.

Wtf op...

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