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Hello from Texas


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Hello to all of you.  I am retired from the Army and working as a contractor now so I decided to finally get an AR last September.  I didn't know about the AR Bug at the time fortunately as I have it fairly bad now because I just completed my 2nd AR15 build a couple weeks ago.  I had been wanting to build a .308 AR so for father's day my wife told me to go ahead and get the AP .308 stripped upper and lower combo I have been looking at for quite awhile, which needless to say I jumped at.  I have been researching AR10s for awhile now and I am looking forward to learning more about building and using them on here.  I am not new to guns as I grew up in KY with them and 20+ yrs in the military but I am somewhat new to building them.  I look forward to getting to know y'all on here.

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Welcome from New Mexico Dave! The AP set you got is a great start for your build. 308 AR's are somewhat different than building an AR-15 since there are different variations and some parts don't play well with others. We've pretty much seen it all so you'll be able to get good advice from the folks here on your build. Don't hesitate to jump right in with any questions you have but be forewarned, we're very accomplished at helping people spend their money!:laffs:

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Thank you for the welcome.  Just ordered the AP set yesterday as it was on sale and back in stock, lol.  I plan on taking my time and getting this rifle just right, but then again I said that when I started my first AR 15 build 9mo ago and had that one done in 2 to 3 months and have already built a second AR. 

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Welcome aboard - when you're considering the major parts purchases, make sure you ask questions on compatibility before you buy.  You're set very well with the Aero Precision upper and lower, which are based on the DPMS pattern - their rails are nice, as well. 

Be cautious of any vendor that states the part is for an AR-10 - it's probably really a DPMS patterned part, but you never know anymore... You might wind up with real Armalite AR-10 parts that you can't use... 

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Welcome from Indiana brother Dave and THANK YOU for your service.

Other things from Aero you might consider is their lower parts kit and Nickel boron BCG.

I had an issue with tolerance stacking and new parts blues on my M5 and installed Armalite parts for the recoil system. Receiver extension tube, spring, and buffer. Just my 2 mags.

For a trigger I went with a La Rue 2 stage.

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Hi again all.  Been away for work and got back earlier this week.  I did pick up my AP stripped upper and lower receivers.  I did manage to find time during my trip to pick up an AP .308 lower parts kit from Primary Arms while it was on sale.  Any suggestions on the buffer tube, spring and buffer.  Also, is this the correct place for this or if not where on here is the right place.

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2 hours ago, DaveL said:

  Any suggestions on the buffer tube, spring and buffer.

Collapsible stock or fixed stock?

I know I warned you about Armalite AR-10 parts a few posts ago, but the AR-10 Carbine recoil system is damn reliable, and will work on your build.  IF you're doing a collapsible stock setup.

Armalite AR-10 Carbine receiver extension (longer than the AR-15 receiver extension, which is commonly used in 308 builds).  Armalite EA1095 buffer spring.  Armalite AR-10 Carbine buffer, which is really just any old AR-15 H3 Carbine buffer.  Add collapsible mil-spec sized stock of choice.


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Davel  Get you a Tubbs spring    http://www.larue.com/tubbs-buffer-spring-ar10-sr-25-buffer-springs

works in rifle stocks or car stocks...they are sweet....get you a buffer tube mil spec ar15   http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/buffer-tube-parts/buffer-tubes/ar-15-m16-mil-spec-buffer-tube-prod27440.aspx   

castle nut   http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/buffer-tube-parts/buffer-tube-hardware/ar-15-receiver-extension-castle-nut-prod24191.aspx

end plate   http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/buffer-tube-parts/buffer-tube-hardware/ar-15-m16-receiver-end-plate-prod20464.aspx

car buffer    http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/recoil-parts/recoil-buffers/308ar-carbine-buffer-prod104527.aspx

these items just plain work.....don't waste money on a 100 dollar buffer...that's just nutz...get your rifle workin then you can play with buffers

KAK has a heavy buffer for half the price of slash buffer     magpul acs is just the ticket for this combo





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Thanks for the welcome.  I will be considering all the suggestions y'all made for buffer and extension tubes.  I did just order the .308 ejection port cover and a forward assist from Aero precision during their fathers day sale so I'm starting to get the parts needed to get this going.

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