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Oregon will make my No-Visit List...

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There's some OR people that think this will pass...   81k signatures by the beginning of July, and it's presented. With all the granola-heads that are running around that state, 81k will be no issue...

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Whoa! Every time that I think that Maryland is getting pretty bad, I hear something like this from yet another leftist state. I feel sorry for any Oregon people that are gonna suffer WHEN something like this gets passed. This is BULL$HIT through and through.

IN THE NECK with those bed-wetting, hand-wringing liberal FUKS!

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Back in the day (mid-70s), Japan was noted as having the highest murder rate per capita of any nation. But they didn't allow guns in civilian hands! How did they do it? Knives, bricks, poison, garrottes, you name it. As long as it didn't go BANG, they killed each other with it.

I've never understood why people think objects do anything not directed by a human being. Don't fear my weapon ... fear me, if you give me cause. :cool:

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I'll use this as an example.

Just recently, my fuked up state (Maryland) was trying to quietly (and I mean quietly) pass through a total BAN on any magazines that exceeded 10 rounds. Now I'm talking about an all out BAN. No grandfather clauses. So that would mean that any of us upstanding law abiding people that owned those EVIL 10+ mags would become criminals overnight. Many of you on the board here that know me, know that I'm an avid AR-10 guy. I've built five of these beauties over the years. I've probably got somewhere in the neighborhood of about 40 to 50 mags for all of my rifles. Now, these are all genuine Armalite mags. So, even when they were running deals on them throughout the years, they still weren't exactly cheap as magpul's (which 10B's won't take). So needless to say, I've probably got about, roughly, almost $1500 dollars worth of mags alone. Do the math. And this is just with the AR-10 mags. This isn't even counting the AR-15's, the FAL's, or the G3 mags that I have. Who's going to reimburse me for that? The state? Probably not.

Now let's flash forward to the state representative who was sponsoring this asinine bill before the state house of reps over in Annapolis. I was watching this proposal (because I'm a boring kinda guy) on the net feed that the state gov offers, in the afternoon after I got home from work. This dumbass (I believe he was one of the reps from Baltimore county, can't remember his name unfortunately), was going on about how we needed to take away these "Hi-Capacity" mags from the people to help ensure safety in public schools and such. Yeah....shocker huh? Something like that coming from another Maryland leftist democrat. No surprise here.

Anyway, he tried to say, that these mags would lead to people with machine guns. Then, the dumb bastard (in front of at least 50 people, that's all that were allowed, that were present in the auditorium) states that machine guns are "illegal to own in the US". The crowd, almost in unison, said "No they're not". The douchebag kinda stumbled through his words. Tried to collect himself, and then said "Well, you can't own a machine gun in the state of Maryland". The crowd, once again, responded with a "Yes you can". You could visually see that this was starting to annoy the "gentlemen" just trying to represent his county (facts always do that kind of thing). He finally tried with a statement of, "We're not talking about bazooka's, because you can't own them either". Which the crowd, once again, said "Yes you can".

He finally gave up and rest his argument for the proposal, and opened up the floor for debate from the other side (OUR SIDE).

It took about 30 minutes after that. With statements from the local NRA reps, GOA reps, other state (rightful thinking) delegates and a bunch of the state citizens that were in the "audience" that heckled the Baltimore county Rep. A runner from the "other side" appeared on the far side of the screen (giving the slashing neck motion), and that let all of us know, that they had pulled that BULL$hit bill from the docket.

THEY LOST before it went to a vote of the committee!

But what it comes down to, is that, the dumbass that was backing that bill. He (THEY) didn't even know the existing gun laws that were already on the books.

And THAT, my friends, is the problem that we all know that exists. These dumbasses try to make law by a knee jerk reaction (to make political points). While not even knowing the laws that they already have in place. That's why we have to stay involved in the "state" elections. These are the dumb bastards that are making the laws amongst the states. Not Washington.....as much as we'd like to blame them as a collective. It's the local bastards that are doing ALOT more damage than people think.

Here endith the sermon.

SEMPER FI! (not being a brother devil dog.......but I've been accused by many)

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Politicians are one reason we need the 2nd A. Stalin instituted the Great Purge and killed over 600,000 of HIS OWN PEOPLE. Pol Pot caused the deaths of 1.5 to 3 million Cambodians, HIS OWN PEOPLE. I'm more worried about edicts from my own politicians than I am about any invasion by a foreign power, and I think I've got history on my side.

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