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Carbon Fiber M14 Hand Guard


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This is keeping me very busy , a project that I was asked about ( He didn't know I was already researching for it ) after playing with my SAI Plastic Stock , strengthening  it with Carbon Fiber .A CF Hand Guard for the M14 type Rifles . I picked up a USGI Ventilated HG , because I thought they looked good , well I was disappointed in it as soon as I unwrapped it , it looked good & in decent shape , but is the flimsiest POS that ever was installed on a US military Rifle . I knew if I wanted to use one on my Rifle i would have to make it better , first I thought , just add a layer or two of CF , for strength , but thinking it would be easier to just make a new one . Well, its harder then you think , though I have some working prototypes , trimming them is going tom take some special tooling , to get them trimmed right . 

 The photos show a mounted prototype solid HG , no Vents , because they not only look different , but cutting & trimming for the Vents in the HG , as said , need special tooling to do them right & I don't want to test the Vented type till Vents are cut .Also there are some imperfections in the Prototype because of the Vacuum process gave me some issues & also trimming , as said . I have over came the Vacuum issue , so as soon as I get the proper tooling will produce a much better HG .

CF next to the modern heavy Plastic 


I used Kevlar for a bottom layer for heat suppression from the Barrel , crap is hard to cut even in its Fabric condition , so , unless I can find an easy way to cut it , I will use something else.



How the prototype looks with various Stocks .





 As a side note , I stood on this HG with no ill effects , I never realized this crap was so strong .

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Just a update , I cracked my main Mold last week while pulling a experimental HG from the Mold , it was stuck in there real good , my fault , i was trying some different methods & it bit me . I have new Product now to help with Releasing from the Mold & also made a new & improved Mold & am Prepping it now for a testing . I have new tooling to cut & trim the HG & should have a Vented HG tomorrow cut & trimmed tomorrow . I tested my trimming & cutting on the experimental HG I screwed up & what a difference then cutting by hand , straight cuts & 100% control of it .

 I also have another experimental way of making a HG in the works & also a CF adj. Cheek riser for my SOCOM.

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Prototype I played around with today to see how to best cut the Vents in the HG , this HG was a screw up, so messing with different ways of clamping & cutting the Vents was good practice . It still needs some fitting , its hitting the Stock in a couple of places . Good enough for a testing platform .


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Got some new CF & Epoxy today , the Epoxy is a thinner & faster setting up type & may help the Micro bubbles I'm having issues with . One of the types of CF I got has been Aluminized on one side & normal 2x2 weave on the other . I plan on using the Aluminized on the bottom of the laminate where it should reflect Barrel Heat , much like the Silver Paint they used of the M14 HG's




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2 hours ago, survivalshop said:


Got some new CF & Epoxy today , the Epoxy is a thinner & faster setting up type & may help the Micro bubbles I'm having issues with . 

My dad does some work with clear epoxy on table tops, embedding objects and such. He uses a propane torch to get rid of the bubbles. Just passes the flame over the uncured epoxy real quick, never stops in one spot just repeated passes till the bubbles are gone. 

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I watched a video of a guy using a light spray of Acetone to do the same thing , them bubbles just disappeared .

     My problem is , the Micro bubbles I get could be because of a couple  issues , but my CF Laminate is in a Vacuum Bag & under about 25" of Vacuum or more , could be out gassing & they get trapped or a air leak , which is pretty hard to detect a very small one , could also be too much Vacuum for too long . My new approach is to laminate the CF in a different way , instead of a negative Mold , I will make them all Positive Molds , yes I have been reading a lot. LOL.  

     Also the Epoxy may be to thick & taking too long to set up , so I got some thinner , faster set up Epoxy & I will be testing both ways this weekend to see how both the Negative & Positive Molds work , since I have both , I was smart enough to make an experimental one in a Positive type , meaning you just lay the CF on top in layers , instead of inside a Negative , the Negative may be trapping the out gas from the Epoxy , in it . One way or the other I will find out this weekend , what it is .

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  • 9 months later...

I will shortly have my next Gen. ( Gen 2 ) of Prototype CF hand Guard for testing , using a different chem.Release agent & a chemical Mold Sealer, also I fabricated a different type Mold to use & thats a job . I also went & purchased a Vacuum Chamber to  evac the Air bubbles from my Epoxy before I apply it . & I also purchased an Oven for the next Gen ( gen 3 ) when I go to Pre Preg. CF Material & I'm making a CF Mold to use for the High Temp. curing of the CF .

This is really cool stuff , thinking of what I can start making for the AR world next .

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Absolute Top of my "gotta have list" if you make these available......... My M1A already sits in a AG Carbon Traditional stock. Have a Wolf Fluted med-heavy barrel & Bula receiver for the next go-around. That hand guard would be just the thing to top things off, so to speak. Carbon is a PITA to work with but usually worth it when its done. Have quite a few items on my bike made of the material, the weight/strength ratio is off the chart.

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On 7/7/2019 at 11:59 AM, Robocop1051 said:

This is awesome! Is this something you want to produce? Or just a one time project?

For which the M14/M1A or the AR ?  My plan is to sell the M14 HG's when I can produce a HG that I find acceptable to me . The AR world ? Not sure , there is a lot of go fast goodies for them already , I have ideas , but been too busy on this project . These HG's are all hand laid up & trimmed  , so no way to mass produce them , you will not see them on store shelves . The Colors  that can be done , including  some Camouflage patterns , are interesting & make custom applications doable .

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