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Full30 Forum Invite


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As the liberal world tries to continuously shut us out and silence us, patriots rise up, like those at Full30, to provide an alternate avenue for us to explore our shared hobby. Now more than ever is the time for us to show support for those that would provide for us. 

Full30 has a fledgling forum and their director @Robert@FULL30 has reached out to us for assistance. He’s impressed with how we socialize and handle the occasional riffraff when it presents itself. 

Im putting out a personal invitation to ALL 308ar member to also join up with Full30.com and join in their community. I apologize beforehand to you codgers that have to learn yet ANOTHER forum format. 

For the life of me, I don’t know what he sees in all of you. Lol. Just make sure you note that you’re a member here, and you’ll get site recognition. 


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5 hours ago, Robocop1051 said:

As the liberal world tries to continuously shut us out and silence us, patriots rise up,

Thank you very much, that is it right there.


I'll skip the flavor and sugar and get right to the color, red Kool-Aid 


I want FULL30 to be the common ground & I would like you guys to help get the word out, 1911.com, Uzitalk etc etc



Here's what I am asking


Please sign up and PM me to suit you up, I do not want to assume anything,


suit you up means I add you to this group





to have this icon




It signifies you are a visitor, 


Then I will add your true love, a tag to your user name that identifies that love




Then I add a badge to your public profile





I will add a new badge for each new site and their prospective members




Where we go from here I trust is out of my hands.



It is my desire that 308AR.com and each participating group grow and prosper.


Thank you all, and remember to PM me to get your suit.



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2 hours ago, Magwa said:

It is so awesome to wake up and just drink that first cup of coffee and know you are surrounded by other degenerates such as your self it just makes the coffee go down that much easier......?

Also means you need more whiskey in it. My body reacts the same way.

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