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Pictures of Glock’s

Dane Armory

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The sigtac platform takes most handguns with a rail. If you want to SBR it there is a collapsible wire stock available. Single point sling and a red dot and a light. Makes a good house gun and with the 33 rnd mags you can make noise for a while. Bought mine off  gunbroker for a lot less than what they want on that link.

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5 hours ago, sketch said:

glock is a fickle bitch. had the short for a few years,  but can see a long slide would have made more sense. nice! 

Thanks! I bought this G22 cheap at Cabela’s as a police department trade in and sawed the grip down and shaped it with files myself to match my wife’s G27’s grip when I first got my CCW permit. I later got another G22 and left it as is, that’s what I carry now that I’ve gained more confidence that I’m not printing. I still carry the “G27L” some when I’m having to dress up with a tucked in shirt. 

4 hours ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

Bought  a 17L on a whim plus I needed Glock mags... I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would :thumbup:


That’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to get a G24 since I’m deep in 40sw ammo, but if I ever buy a factory 9mm it’ll be a G17L or G34. I currently have a Lonewolf 40-9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags to go with my G22’s so I’m covered on using 9mm. 


I’ve also got this Gen3 G20 as my woods gun/hunting pistol and my Wife’s G27. She’s since gotten me to ditch the pink hogue grip sleeve and put her a black one, which added it to my carry rotation. 


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3 hours ago, Radioactive said:

How so? I’m not a Glock fan boy but I do own several. They are ugly but kinda like the farm girl that can cook, can, feed the critters, take care of the youngsters, drive the tractor, and weld. Not much to look at but a real loyal hand. Not fickle at all.

so many options to choose from. I edc a glock but it took 15 years to find the right one. 

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