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Spring Shoot 2019


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Wrapping up - got everything back to the compound, and we're downloading now.  Gonna be a minute before I get any pics up. Short version:  the .260 is badfukkinass.  Flat shooting as all hell, chrono states 2650fps on the 147gr projos.  6.5 mils of drop at the 845, 9.0 mils of drop an a thousand.  Unreal.  High Angle is the shiit.  I've got some great pics of that stuff...

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21 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

Susan asked if there would be a ski lift to get up there.

It wasn't an easy walk, but it wasn't a killer, either.  That spot is perfect, too, with that ledge right there on the edge.  The only gun I took to the distance side was the .260.  It didn't disappoint me at all.  The one I took up the hill for angles was the 16" Grendel Mod H.  Perfect for that situation.  You would have loved it, Ron - it was a great time up there. 

Mike and that damn 10mm, though...   :lmao:  We started right away with the jokes, too - "You're gonna hit everything BUT the target with that damn thing!"  I ended up shooting a mag at a target that was 214 effective yards, 20 degrees down.  I hit it on the last round.  Of course, them @Matt.Cross has to shoot a mag and get TWO hits...   Bastard...   :laffs:

That last pic above is Matt shooting the pistol.

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