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This bass thing.


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3 minutes ago, RedRiverII said:

Nice,  I could never figure how those teeny reels were capable of landing that fighter.

That is the key. 4 pound test, they can’t see the line. I have caught 20 pound chinooks on 6 pound fly leaders. Plus the reel isn’t that small that is a sizable fish.

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Salt water fisherman here,  I mostly just hauled fish in.  The reel may not be as small as I think,  but I never learned to finesse fish.  20lb Ande line was minimum I used.  A six pound bass is a terrorista in a Lake I'm sure.  I know MI.  has some real monsters in the lakes.  Saber toothed type giant Pike?  or similar named fish,  only saw pictures of them.  I have a fresh water rig that seems like it's flimsy,  gotta try it out soon.  Best to you.

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On 2/5/2020 at 7:22 AM, RedRiverII said:

Nice,  I could never figure how those teeny reels were capable of landing that fighter.

Reeled in 20 brown trout on a 34” rod and spinning reel, it’s like getting the old lady off you gotta know when to slow down and when to give her the coals


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@shepp  Yes I am still amazed,  a 34" rod.  I've seen a couple of fellas standing by a lake with those combos.  I thought they were toys,  or at best time spending devices,  y'know perhaps a way of blowing off steam.  I don't think that any more.  I would have lost that fish myself.  I hooked into a monster fish recently,  I did let it run for a bit,  then reel in.  Another run and tightened the drag a little more.  After the third run I tried to force the issue and lost it.  The end of my line was curled up and led me to believe it just gave way.  How long did it take you to land that fish?  Good job BTW.


I wanted to add,  those are some wonderful pics !!!

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On 2/22/2020 at 12:44 PM, shepp said:

Nice bass Al, I’m not big on going to Florida but I’ve thought it would be cool to fish invasive fish down there. See if you can find some peacocks 

Know where some are, along with just about every other bird! Nice Brown Neil. They are killing browns on Chequamegon Bay this winter. Up to 36 inches. 


7 hours ago, RedRiverII said:

@Sisco  Just noticed the thread again.  Thanks.  Is that Bass the bait you used for the Pike?  😉

Bass was in my back yard down here. Pike was up in Northern Manitoba. Caught a little, 4 pounder, bass this morning. I don’t bother with pictures anymore with those little guys.

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