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So there i was minding my own business reading through old threads and I kept reading about the Shockwave (i have seen them before) and saw that this wasn't some gimmick.

Sooo..... I went a traded in some old rifles for the Cerakote stainless model.



I have to get the insert so I can shoot minis, not sure if I will get a brace for it or not.

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My buddy is buying a keltec KSG, and he really likes the handling.  I don't mind it either, although I would opt for the single tube version, just less weight and things to go wrong for me....I tend to break things.

Those shockwaves just don't do it for me. I never really thought much about them when watching the original Miami Vice series either.....I had been hunting with shotties for years and knew those little buggers would not be much fun to control well.

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I’ve used a 14” shotgun on duty for nearly 20 years. To me, this is the perfect length. When paired with the appropriate load, it’s an absolute deviator! I only wish they had the option for removable chokes. 

I’ve shot clay pigeons with an unmodified Shockwave. They are plenty effective and efficient. They just require a bit of practice  

then I did this...


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5 hours ago, Black_Sheep said:

Total impulse buy that doesn't fill any particular need other than to fill my desire to own one.


Fits a great need, brother - pistol-brace that thing while they're still legal.  Trust me on that one...   :thumbup:

Smart purchase, well done.  :hail:

Now...  Buy the OPSol Mini-Clip, and stock up on 1 3/4" shells for that thing.  Trust me on that one, too...  You'll love it...  :thumbup:



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I have 2 Shockwaves.  One is the PIRATE GUN!!!  The Mossberg NightStick.  The other one is MIA, I haven't seen it for over a year and a half now.  It's been in Cali, hijacked from SHOT Show 2020, when the KungFlu attacked...   :popcorn:

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