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2020 Choir Boys Fallen Officer gun raffle

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So, with all the Covid schit going on we had to cancel our Fallen Officer Run this year. This gun raffle is the only thing bringing in funds this year for what we do. Those of you who are new here, we raise funds to help the families of law enforcement officers who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty in the states where we have club chapters. The funds raised by each state's chapter stay in that state and are used in that state. NONE of the money raised is used for anything other than families of law enforcement officers, not one dime!

This year is a first, we are raffling two guns instead of one. The S&W M&P 9mm pistol we raffled last year was donated back to the club to be raffled again (it was one of our members who won it) and we are also raffling a S&W M&P AR-15. Same odds as always though (or maybe not?). We usually only sell 500 tickets and ALWAYS sell all of them but this year we are selling 1000 tickets and hoping that we sell all of them even with the Covid thing going on. Who knows? As always, the tickets are $5 each and the drawing will be on July 4th. If you're interested in purchasing tickets, PM me and let me know. I can do Paypal, Zelle, personal check, money order or even cash. As I've done in the past, if someone on the forum wins one of the guns I will pay out of my own pocket to ship the gun to the FFL of your choice.

The guns;


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Okay guys, I'm back. My uncle (my dad's little brother) just wanted to pass some stuff on to me and my brothers and sister and I felt like I should be there. I never know when I see him if it will be the last time. My dad passed when I was a teenager and I've been really close to my uncle.

Doc and Rex, got your funds and I'll follow up on that tomorrow. Sagebrush, PM'ed you where to send the check. Thanks guys!

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14 hours ago, DNP said:

Sounds pretty fair. I’ll hit you up soon. 

I'll be here brother!


11 hours ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

I'll be hitting you up for some ticket end of month.

Appreciate it Eric! I don't know the logistics for you up there if you win but we can certainly work it out!:thumbup:

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On 5/22/2020 at 8:17 AM, 392heminut said:

Appreciate it Eric! I don't know the logistics for you up there if you win but we can certainly work it out!:thumbup:

Good cause and in the likely event I do win... well the pistol I can still bring in(my FFL guy is in Arizona) and I have some thought on the AR... if I win

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14 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

@392heminut - Larry, lemme know when you'll be in CG next.  I'm in for a bunch of tickets, brother.  Bring $100 worth.  I might get lucky this time.  :banana:

I'm not planing on going over there anytime soon but I may have a certain 1911 in 38 Super that will need Cerakoting and so I just might have to make a special trip!😁

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