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My first!


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My first (mostly) finished build.

18" BA barrel, UTG super slim handguard, Aero M5 upper with their nitrided BCG, 80% Arms lower with Aero kit, Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock, and a Vortex Crossfire LER scope. All Aero on gas and recoil system. Still waiting on a sling and compensator. 

Headed for the desert today for a test drive and sight in, range report later today!

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Ok. To all the questions. I used the 80% Arms Gen 1 jig. Problem: the 1/4" end mill is long enough, and you have to reach deep enough, that chattering is a problem, yielding wavy sided FCG pocket. Will purchase the Gen 2 multi jig for all future builds, (5/16" end mill). The 80% Arms Gen 1 lower is awesome otherwise.

Range report: Functioned flawlessly with M118LR. Not so with my handloads. First batch (hot) would fail to chamber after 3-4 rounds. Second batch functioned flawlessly (considerably less hot).

DPMS Gen 1 target rifle was GTG, until scope mount came loose.

Now consuming copious quantities of homebrewed Belgian tripel, and considering forward leaning pathways.

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Thanks to all for the compliments, and for all the info on this forum. These things are addictive, 2 more in progress, an 18" and 24" in 6.5 Creedmoor.

Somebody needs to design a 30-06 length platform and call it an AR1!  😜

(Yes, I miss my Garand)!

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There’s been a few out there if you search, but if you check out the CROM board on this forum, one of our very own has a company chambering in a whole lot of options. Someday...I’m gonna own one or two. I’ve been dead set on one of his 338LM....but then he threw out 375 CT, 416 and one I can’t own in Ca...a 50BMG. I’m pretty sure he could set you up in 30-06 at some point. 

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Well, I'm not into blowing up armor, so a 30-06 would fit the bill nicely. Watching and waiting.....

In other news, a couple Brownells (Towncraft?) BCG's were delivered yesterday, and today I got 2 more UTG Super Slim handguards delivered. Have to wait on barrel and stock and buffer system for my SS check. (for my 24" 6.5).

My short (18") 6.5 CM build is coming along. Aero M5 upper, 80% Arms lower, Brownells BCG, UTG handguard, and an unknown brand heavy fluted barrel I found on Midway for a buck and a half.....



Edited by Bear
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44 minutes ago, Bear said:

Well, the name fits, anyway. Not real happy with gas port / barrel shoulder location, it puts the gas tube about a sixteenth short, but I'll roll with it for now and see how it runs.

I ordered an upper in 6.5 creedmoor from them. Rifle length gas system and the gas port is more like 1/4" to far forward. I plan on replacing the barrel anyway. Whole upper was only $329. Upper BCG and rail would have cost me that. Wilson Combat has a 16" barrel that I plan on getting soon.

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