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Changed handguard now charging handle locks


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so I changed a handguard it was off by just a pinch I gave it weight big mistake as I only needed 30lbs answer was a shim so it got stuck on i removed it i think I warped either the lower receiver or the upper receiver I checked the bcg its well lubed brand new before I messed with it i could manually cycle rounds now i go to load to test cycle first goes in and ejects 2nd goes in and locks charging handle i have to take off upper to get the round out everytime it also scratches the rounds now it didnt do that previously any ideas out there its a low profile gen 1 dpms factory .308 was test fired say 10 rounds now i cant get past 2nd round



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This is getting good.  Here's a good post to read, OP, and provide details based on what you learn from this thread- it's a Newbie Goldmine, but it helps US HELP YOU more than you know.  If it insults you, then, we have our answer.


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So I put it on a vice with a mag for the vice i know now I should have removed the lower so I went to put on the free float barrel nut.It was just a little bit off to fit the gas tube so I put serious weight on it say 100 lbs yes way over board 30lbs minimum 80lbs maximum.I should have put a shim so in the process i bent the free float barrel nut and broke my tool so I had to remove it with a monkey wrench and had to cut the ring off.I then went to install the original parts back on now when I cycle manually it now scratches rounds (didnt previously) and locks only on 2nd try.Meaning I can load,eject,load and won't eject the charging handle locks never did that previously.My guess is either i bent the upper receiver or lower receiver when doing the mistake of leaving lower attached when changing out barrel nut.I'll add pics of the broken barrel nut to get an idea of the pressure that was needed just to remove also the gap difference on bottom of upper where it connects with the lower.thats why im guessing i bent either or but why the locking now and why does it scratch rounds is a mystery it never did that previously.i added pictures also of how the parts look now they dont appear to be damaged.im trying to give as much details as possible 







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Hard to tell from the pics but you may have tweaked it somewhere. Putting lower in vise -  Lower to upper fit is common (looks like the front pin ears may be twisted), may have twisted upper. Can’t tell from pic angle but barrel extension may have rotated some. Do you have somebody knowledgeable close that can take a look at it?

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Anti seize is a must in the future.  Back and forth,  tightening then loosening the nut will help the fit sooner or later.  A Stillson wrench ( plumbers wrench ) while generally found in our garages,  is not part of our rifle repair kits.  Brother,  after this screwup and a lot of patience with some guidance you'll be a master of this process.  

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I have the proper tools I just put it on so tight it broke the tool along with the barrel nut that came with the free float upper.The stillson wrench was the only thing on earth that was able to remove it i know it don't belong with the kit but sometimes we gotta improvise at a time like this.I know I could have taken it to a gunsmith but I believe we need to know our rifle better than we know ourselves so I took the leap and failed but its because of failures we can become successful.I learned some things along the way and I learned some things to never ever do again if I had someone to teach me i would have had a better chance my grand dad was the only person I could go to with a gun issue hes been gone a long time.There isn't anyone I know or near me to swap out parts to test so as usual im alone on the project of figuring it out.So I humbly asked you fine folks for help as I am new to the platform and was thinking more minds are better than one im grateful for the time and input from everyone it is an unusual problem as it loads ejects and loads and locks up i may have to go and buy an upper receiver and if it fails I can just get another lower but I do like the idea of a double extractor.I may get one of those too.Those are the tools i had on hand for the job i made the mistake of not adding a shim to help the timing we live and learn patience will always win.



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Do you even know what a retention rod does?

I would not call how you used that plastic piece in the magwell proper.

They are used for LITE mantainence.

Search for a couple of videos on using a retention rod while installing a barrel and nut.

What part of the country are you from?

You can buy a retention rod from Primary arms or Brownells for around $40.

Depending where you are from I'd loan you one,I just don't want my tool stuck in the mail for 10 days


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I'm in Illinois and I have one its in the picture I posted.i know the plastic piece ain't supposed to be in the magwell just like the whole lower wasn't supposed to be there.I did it like that as i suspected 30lbs won't be enough to mess something up it was off by less than a quarter inch i pushed it and threw the receiver off now it don't function properly and no one i know can help.So I was hoping someone could diagnose it.By saying yea thats this or that but like anything its hard to be exact from a far like a doctor diagnosing someone over the internet or a mechanic over the phone its a hard thing to do.What I need is someone with knowledge i can physically go to and watch and learn yea there's YouTube but I prefer the real world hands on i think YouTube is my only way to learn.


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At the time I did this mistake I assumed it took place of the barrel not the other way around.Ihad the correct tool but was missing the most important part knowledge of what exactly im doing.I watched a few videos and now know 90% of the videos on YouTube are wrong everyone of them did the job with the upper receiver on a block now that may be a 2nd way to do it but the correct way is with the rod on the block.Good news is I'll never do this again bad news is its gonna cost me some new parts.

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