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AR-10 scope

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My 1st preference is Leupold -  when funds permit.

Have 5 of them currently. 


Budget scopes:

1st choice use to be Nikon, have 6 or so. Good solid scopes.

However after purchasing & playing with Arken optics, I feel the Arken is better to my eyes than the Nikon & with more features at a great price. I've bought 3 Arken now, replacing a Trijicon Accupoint TR23-2G i on my AR10, a Nikon M308 Tactical on a Ruger Precision. 308 & a Nikon M-223 in my Mossberg AR15. 

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1 hour ago, Rory Pamphlett said:

The Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24 is mostly the premium scope for AR10.

Depends on what distance you're shooting...   Perspective...  :thumbup:

Go hit the Intro Section and tell us about yourself.

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Like Matt said, I've run a mixture of scopes across my AR-10's. From an Elcan on an SBR, to ACOG on carbines, to Nightforce on my 10 SASS. I just put together another SASS and put a Steiner on that one. It's comparable to the Nightforce on it's twin.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Leupold is my #1. Great glass. Great warranty & support. Usually lighter in weight than comparable scopes. Made in US.  Vortex is my # 2. Good Glass. Good warranty. Great Support. Usually better value than comparable scopes. My 2 cents, and that's probably what its worth.

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I have a Leupold Vx2 2-7x33mm on my Aero M5, probably “underpowered” by most folks opinion, but I put this rig together as a whitetail and hog set up for both spot n stalk and box stand hunting in some fairly thick woods where close shots or more the norm where the FOV has been too great of a benefit vs magnification higher than 7x. 

I’ve got two other Leupold scopes, an older Vari-x iic 3-9x50mm that’s on my predator hunting 5.56 and a fixed 4x rimfire on an A-bolt 22lr. I’ve also got a Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40mm on my 7mmRM A-bolt, a 3x Vortex rds magnifier and a Vortex Strikefire rds that float between rifles. I like both brands a lot.  Vortex has a lot of value for the price, but I lean a bit more towards Leupold fanboy in that their lens coatings seem to help a lot with washout from the rising and setting sun. 

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Taking a PA 1x6 off my AR10T carbine, as the rifle outperforms the limits of the scope. Putting on a PA 4x14 and moving the PA 1x6 to my DiamondbackAR15 carbine. So I would agree with Edgecrusher, 

On 5/27/2022 at 12:03 PM, edgecrusher said:

Hmmm. I’d argue that statement. That might be good for inside 400 yds but your fairly lacking power needed after that. 


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