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New Member in WV


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Hi all! I'm a new AR-10 owner, found this forum while looking for people who hunt with AR-10s. I'm a Civil Engineer and an Army veteran. I haven't even had my new rifle out to the range yet. I'm still fairly new to my area, and am weighing local range options. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself here.

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3 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

Welcome to the forum.  Got any pictures you'd like to share?  Is it factory built or put together?

I bought a complete upper, a complete lower, a charging handle and BCG. I replaced the trigger with a LaRue 2 stage, and put a Magpul CTR stock on it. I also put a Magpul bipod on it. I have a vortex crossfire ii 3-9 x 40 scope on it that I originally bought for my AR-15, and put a red dot on that one. I haven't taken any pictures of it. It has an 18" 1:10 barrel.

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1 minute ago, DNP said:

Welcome from San Diego from a third generation land surveyor raised by a civil engineering family. What realm of civil are you working in?  And for a quick engineering test, is the glass half full, or half empty?


Nice! I was actually a surveyor in the Army (Field Artillery), and did a lot of surveying afterwards. I work for a land development firm now, and it involves some survey office work. And of course, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

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My favorite engineering question.

My grandfather got into surveying when he was flying with SeaBees. Came home and started a survey company turned Civil with a little bit of survey. I worked for the enemy for my first dozen years or so. Mainly land development making large neighborhoods and planned communities. Went to work for the family for about 8 years and recently left that to join a good friend , and chainman of mine from years back, in a new adventure. We’re doing a lot of laser scanning and mainly focus on supplying design surveys to large civil firms who lack survey departments of their own…and some agency work.  Tired of the way engineering firms run their survey departments like loss leaders to get the design, and then getting hounded in meetings wanting to know why we weren’t hitting the profit goals. Survey only form kicking ass now and all living comfortably. 

Welcome to the world of 308ARs. Hope you enjoy it. 

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