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Josh in Arizona


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Okay guys, I will be picking Josh up at 29 Palms on May 7th. and then on to his sister's at Casa Grande . Looks like the next day, Wednesday the 8th would be doable to meet at a range in the area and do some shooting. I have no idea where any ranges are around there so it would be up to you guys to figure that out. We will only be there through the weekend and time is somewhat tight. Josh will only have 19 days off before shipping out to Oki. and I know he would like to meet you guys and spend a little time at a range too. Lets see if we can work it out. Tom, you have my cell #, feel free to share it with anyof the other guys here.



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Here's a map to the CG Trap & Skeet club.  If you zoom out, you can see the pistol/rifle range for the public to the southeast a little ways, on the same road.





Butts right up against those mountains there.



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I might be able to swing a Wednesday, but Thursday or Friday would be easier.  I have been shooting at Rio Salado (http://www.riosaladosportsmans.com/) and indoor ranges with my handguns, but wouldn't mind trying the Casa Grade range.  If you guys don't mind another stranger joining the group I'd love to get some experienced eyes on my .308. 





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More than welcome, my brother.  Details will flow, through this thread, so plan accordingly.  I'm positive we'll change things a couple times, but it'll still happen.


Larry, I can't wait to meet Josh!!!  Hell yeah!!! 

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Hey Az boys wheres a good gun shop near Gold Canyon my shooting partner is there visiting his neighbors at there winter retreat? Sorry to butt in I wish I could join..

MikeDaddyH can definitely answer that one for ya - he's got the entire east side of Phx WIRED!    He knows where all the good shops are on that side of town.  Big time.  Shoot him a PM about it, with a link to this thread.  Shoot it to his Dane Armory username, too - send it to both.  He'll see one or the other.  <thumbsup>

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Update on Josh. He called us last night and said he received the 'Warrior' award, which is given to the one Marine in the company that shows the most qualities that the Marines stand for. He has been his platoon squad leader since he got there, and his guys told me he is the only one left of the original squad leaders. They also told me they have a lot of respect for him, he keeps them squared away at all times, but never talks down to them or anything. His sergeant told him he may get a promotion out of the award. If so, he will go into the fleet as a Lance Corporal.


After Saturday night I'm a little surprised though, he was so drunk at 2230 hrs. formation that his sergeant put him in the back row and his buddies helped hold him up. His sergeant is pretty cool, and was at the bowling alley with us for a little while to help Josh celebrate his 21st. birthday. His buddies told me that he was not in any trouble though, he was 21 and was not told he couldn't drink, he just couldn't leave the base. They said as long as he made formation and answered when his name was called he was good to go. He told me the next day that he was OK in the bowling alley, but when he walked outside into the cool air things went south real fast.

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SHOTGUN !!!!!!!


You got it!


<lmao> To be young again...........Love that Charger.


I've had the car for over 20 years (I'm not young).  However, I built most of it in my younger years so it doesn't have many creature comforts.  >:D


edit:  Just read the reply above.  The "young comment" was for Josh!  Ya, I can't remember the last time I blew chunks from a night of over drinking... 




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