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Please "Like" 308AR.com on FB


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lol yea. i dont have a facebook thingie. i just abuse my wifes and occasionally make her family angry at her when im on a rant. i started a "build a border fence around CA to keep them from ruining the rest of the country"  thread recently. didnt go well with her CA family. we were de-friended a few times and i guess thats a big deal in facebook world.

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So not really having a full understanding of how this FB stuff works I used my old ladies phone and "liked" 308ar.com for her. Apparently she takes exception to pictures of dead things...oopsie

When my older son finds his wife's phone lying around he gets on her FB page with it and puts up posts about what an awesome husband she has! <lmao>

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You guys fcuking suck.  I mean that.  All of you.


You're trying to get the FB page going, yet you don't drop a link in here.  You don't know how to FIND the link for the page, and drop it here.  OR, you found tha damn page, and STILL didn't come back and drop the link.


That's horse sheit, and you all suck.  HELP PEOPLE OUT, FOR FCUKS SAKE!!!


Drew, this is what I found for "308AR Facebook" - this is bull$hit, brother, as far as trying to get this off the ground - I'm just sayin'. 






Now, from someone trying to promote a FB page, this is all I find.  Not acceptable.  Not even.


I dig the webz, and dig, and dig, and THIS is all I find?  BS.


You guys can do better - but just haven't done better. 


Here's the damn link to the REAL FaceBook page for 308AR - and this is something that should have been provided in the very first damn post.  That's my scathing comments on the whole mess of trying to FIND the 308AR FaceBook page in the first place.  bull$hit, finding it.  It shouldn't have been a challenge.


Click it, like it, whatever.  Here it is...



Edited by 98Z5V
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