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Bump Firing??


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I don't know about using it on the larger platform rifles, but it sure works good on the AR-15's!


BTW, I have the videos of both Tom and Josh shooting Vera on my computer. There is no sound, but the sound is still in the file, as I tried an online file converting service and the audio is there when converted to MP3, but no video. I tried converting to other files (WAV, MPEG, WMV etc.) but couldn't get both audio and video together. I'm a computer 'tard so if any of you computer gurus want to try and do something with the vids let me know and I'll send them to you. Oh, they are 3gp files, if that helps.

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I would have bought an AR-15 one awhile ago if it weren't for the buttstock portion. I'm just not a fan of the look of it. You'd think the companies that make them would have more than just a few styles.



They're made in two styles now.

The newer version looks much more like a collapsible stock.

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I put my CMMG Sierra .22lr upper on my AR when using the Slide Fire.

Had to install a 3# trigger to make it work though which required I cut 2.5 coils from the firing pin return spring and sharpen the firing pin to make the 3# trigger work the 22 upper.

But it all finally came together. Rock and roll.

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I have had a lot of fun with this fugly looking stock. I bought mine back when there was only 1 option. Some guy's take to it easily and others seem to struggle with the weapon bouncing. ( at least I did ). There was a learning curve for me, ( good ammo, good mags ,clean weapon). Thought about getting a cheap MP 15/22 to run the 22 rounds thru it. Never thought about it on a .308 dumping some of my Pakistani 1991 milsurp ....


I had some guy's mock it but to me it was a lot of fun , especially with a surefire 60 rd'er. Good idea to let the weapon cool between shoots and for me,,, it worked better on my 16" than my 20" hbar.

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