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Guns & Ammo takes a beatin'...

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Yep, Guns & Ammo staff has NOT learned the lessons of RECOIL Magazine...


You do NOT talk schit about the 2A in your magazine, and get away with it.


Shakeup at Guns & Ammo after gun control column backfires

By Joshua Rhett Miller


Published November 09, 2013


The top editor of Guns & Ammo became the second employee of the venerable firearms magazine to lose his job after a column advocating gun control backfired, prompting rifle-toting readers to unload on the publication.


In a statement posted Wednesday on the InterMedia Outdoors-owned magazine’s homepage, Jim Bequette apologized to “each and every reader” of the magazine for Dick Metcalf’s column that appeared in its December issue, which generated “unprecedented” controversy and left readers “hopping mad” in regards to the magazine’s commitment to the Second Amendment.


“Let me be clear: Our commitment to the Second Amendment is unwavering,” Bequette wrote. “It has been so since the beginning. Historically, our tradition in supporting the Second Amendment has been unflinching. No strings attached.”

"I understand what you believe in when it comes to gun rights, and I believe the same thing."

                                   - Jim Bequette, former editor of Guns & Ammo magazine


But by publishing Metcalf’s column, Bequette said he was “untrue” to the magazine’s tradition. He reiterated that Metcalf’s views did not represent his or that of the magazine before later acknowledging he would step down as editor earlier than originally planned.


"It is very clear to me that they don’t reflect the views of our readership either,” Bequette’s response continued. “ … I once again offer my personal apology. I understand what our valued readers want. I understand what you believe in when it comes to gun rights, and I believe the same thing.”


Metcalf, meanwhile, a longtime writer on firearms and U.S. gun culture, saw his association with the magazine terminated. Attempts to reach him Friday at his home in Barry, Ill., were unsuccessful.


In his column entitled “Let’s Talk Limits: Do certain firearm regulations really constitute infringement?,” Metcalf wrote that “way too many” gun owners believe that any regulation of the right to bear arms is an infringement prohibited by the Second Amendment.


“The fact is, all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be,” Metcalf wrote. “Freedom of speech is regulated. You cannot falsely and deliberating shout, ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater. Freedom of religion is regulated. A church cannot practice human sacrifice. Freedom of assembly is regulated.”


Metcalf continued: “The question is, when does regulation become infringement?”


The firestorm that following was intense and swift, with some readers indicating they would immediately end their subscription to the magazine.


“So a writer takes a moderate, rational stance and you fire him? Predictably gutless response from a magazine that sells fear,” one message posted on the magazine’s Twitter page read.


Other posts on the Twitter feed claimed the “damage is done” despite Bequette’s apology and accused the magazine of betraying its core readers. At least one Twitter user also accused the magazine of backtracking when money “is on the line.”

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    Now is not the time to try to be "reasonable".

     Another time, and another place, Mr. Metcalfs opinion MIGHT be tolerated.   After all, it is just "his" opinion.

    But, not now, not when our core rights are being attacked!

   When I started in the gun business, back in 1966, both stores that I worked at kept a record of buyers names, addresses, and date of birth.   No laws said we "had" to, it just seemed like commen since.   Now it the law, that the form 4473 HAS to be filled out.  Whats the difference?   one was the law, the other was self regulation.

     I sure hope Mr. Metcalf has a good 401K.   He's unemployable in the gun industry at this point.   And, he's a little old to start another carrier.

    Good luck, Mr. Metcalf, your going to need it.   You took your dick out, and danced all over it!

     Just my opinion


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    Yea,,,,,,I'm old!!!!    But!  I still enjoy a good cigar, good brandy, good sex,a good gun, and my wife.    NOT necessarly in that order,LOL!!!!!

     And I still enjoy learning new things!   AR's are a whole new world, for me.     Although, things have to slow down, untill I heal from my heart surgery.   No shooting untill   after the first of the year.

    Bummer, but still better than the alternatives!LOL!!


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