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Latchless Charging Handles


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Read about a new latchless charging handle in the latest Shotgun News, the Renegade from SLR Rifleworks;




While I was searching for someplace I could order one I ran across another version from Butthead tactical;




Butthead has a 308 version listed but like SLR they don't seem to be available..........has anyone seen these for sale? ????

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Great...now I gotta buy a new upper to work with your fancy charging handle. Maybe we could do a different pivot pin size on that upper so you need a special lower too. While we're at it...move the trigger pin holes so we can make proprietary triggers too. Shits, you might as well buy an RRA and be done. How many misfits do we really need?

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Change the upper receiver.  The ejection port door works on the exact same principle, and the upper is specifically milled for a ball-detent in that direct-contact area.


Solved.  Where's my royalty check?...  <lmao> ?

   Didn't you have a friends rifle that had a problem with the port door & what ever happened to that ? Did he get the QD Plastic one & did it work.


 Looks like the ball detent is already altering that upper receiver latch pocket & I would think a little lubricant would help it latch/unlatch easier . I'm with DNP , a fix for a non existing problem & the TacOps 1 works just fine .


  Just how is the charging handle being blown back into someones face , as said in the Video ?  I've never heard of one doing that .

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I guess if you are looking for something different, it's got that. I try to shy away from a product with a solution to no problem. I don't think I get the intent of this one.

After the Shotgun News review I thought the ball would cause less wear on the upper. I do notice wear from the latch on my uppers but nothing like the wear shown in the video.

As far as the charging handle hitting someone in the nose I've never seen it. Seems like there would have to be serious wear in other places besides just the latch area to cause that to happen?????

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I've seen the charging handle hit people, but never hard enough to bust a nose. suppose its possible.




  I believe there is probably more going on then a bad latch for the handle to come back on ya  or it wasn't latched to begin with.


   Now scope eye, that's a whole different story . <laughs>

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Only two types of shooters... those who've had scope eye.... and those who WILL have scope eye.

No escaping that.

I got scope eye trying to shoot a deer outta my tree stand with out being seen caught me just right of my nose on my eye brow. Showed up for thanksgiving dinner with two black eyes my mom says "what happen to you??" I replied " you should see the other guy.............he's dead!"

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I'm scope eye free but I know a guy who had a .50 scope his brow! It made about a 3/4 ring around his eye! After that story I've made it a todo to shoulder then sight! Not gonna scar this mug. I have had a bolt close on a finger man that sucked!!

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The first time I ever heard of scope eye was when I was hunting deer during shotgun season when I was 12 with my dad headed to the deer stand we saw a guy stomping out of the woods with blood dripping from his eye. Let's just say I refrained from putting a scope on my 12 gauge for many years. I let the 22 beat me in the eye a few times and topped off my lesson with little pain. Every now and then I get a subtle reminder.when that happens I think back on that guy stomping out of the woods with blood dripping from his eye.

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