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help decide


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Ok I am looking at getting a AR 308cal. at a price under 1800. what would be a list of rifles to look at and in what order. I will be hunting with this and would like to keep the weight under 8.5 bare, but am also looking for under 1moa. I know Stag has one under development, but what about DPMS, Armalite, Ruger, S&W MP, suggestions, opinions, all welcome. thank you

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DPMS about a grand in a 16 inch barrel I have shot 1 hole groups with it , it is better than I am and with  a bit of tweeking around 8 lbs...... don't let the nay sayers get to you .. now if you really like light check out the S&W M&P with the skinny barrel sweet. I hunt with mione have killed 2 elk 5 deer it is way more accurate than it needs to be for a hunting weapon as most shots are under 100 yards..... YMMV.

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Damn.......it's almost as if all of you guys have finally seen the light. <laughs>


All kidding aside. Those are some killer prices that they're putting out. I'm not sure (haven't done the research yet)......but that's probably a derivative of the former Eagle Arms branch of Armalite. A supposed "watered down" version of an AR-10. But in actuality......no real big difference. My guess at least. Either way. It's still a damn good price for a complete AR-10 (ish).


I'd pop for one. If I didn't have my property taxes that were just due. And my car insurance about to be renewed (annual). And my daughter who has dipped into the dad national savings and loan for about 3 grand. And the ex who's also dipped into me for about 3 grand. All of this in about the last month and a half mind you.


And, after the 5 (or so) AR-10 variations that I have......I'm running out of different configs to build. <lmao>

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I'm running out of different configs to build. <lmao>


Bull$hit.  Your feeble imagination let you down in your old age.  You need to seek professional guidance - and here we are.


If you can't think of something to build, then you're just lazy - but, we're here to help you! 


Spill your guts, dude, and tell us what your dream is - you just can't remember what that is right now!  <lmao>  We'll un-FUK you! :binkybaby: :banana:

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