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Back at it again... (Building guitars that is)


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So my son turns 15 next month and all he wants is an electric guitar for his birthday.


It's been almost a year since my business partner and I made the decision to close Dominus Custom Guitars, but, I've still got a lot of the shop equipment and I figured since it's for my son... It's gonna be something special.. ;)


I've designed him a guitar based off a Les Paul, but it's got some trick features too.  First it's thinner so it won't weigh as much as a typical Les Paul cinder block strapped around his neck.  I added a deeper cutaway with a palm relief for extra easy fret access and a nice belly cut so it doesn't jab him in the ribs... <thumbsup>  And since I have a left over Strat-style neck laying around it will use that and have the six-on-a-side headstock.


Have not decided exatly how I want to finish it quite yet.  Thinking of using ash for the body and staining it with a nice tobacco burst around the edges or just painting it white.  Either way it's gonna get gold hardware and some Tesla Opus 1 pickups.


(Now I just gotta re-teach myself how to generate toolpaths and dust off the old CNC!)


Here are a few teaser pics.   I'll keep updating as the build goes forth.








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Hoping it will be a good one. Im taking the kid to Woodworkers Source in Tucson tomorrow to pick out the wood.

They just got a shipment in of Black Limba which is a pretty rare and sought after tonewood. It also looks amazing.

Should turn out something like this when we get done.


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seymore duncan pickups for the win them and a tube screamer is all you need..... that will be a very cool guitar...

Nothing against the Duncans, they are definately some of the best but I still get a builder's discount through Tesla which I can't say how much publicly, but its pretty significant. If youve never heard of them, they are a boutique company that caters to the custom crowd. You should check them out. They have lots of sound clips on their page and every set Ive ever gotten from them has been amazing. Id stack their Plasma 7s up against a set of JB Hotrods every day of the week. ;)

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Im good with it either way. Shibi has some big boy toys and I do it more or less as a hobby. Im sure he can build a much better toolpath than I can.

Shibi, if you want to gin up some code for me Im game. Keep my feeds and speeds around 100ipm and steps at around .100" and back the stepover off to .05 for finish surfacing sound about right? I'll probably do most of it with a 1/4" ball mill. And 1/4" flat end mill for the holes and final cut out? Maybe a couple of thin tabs left over that I can clean up by hand?

Mach 3 post is preferrable :)

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