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MechArmor Defense "The Rough Justice 3/5" Group Buy


Help us keep track of how many triggers are left  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you get your order in on time to be part of the initial 30?

    • Screw Robo! My kids have to wear grocery bags to school because of my addiction.
    • I'm waiting for feedback from the masses.... and one of Robo's SUPER AWESOME product reviews!

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It's happened again. The geniuses behind MechArmor Defense have just done what no one else could do... They are releasing a new match grade trigger module at a price that cannot be ignored!

Right now they are offering the MEMBERS of 308AR.com the exclusive opportunity to pre-order this new trigger at a ridiculously low price... one that'll likely never be seen again.

This introductory offer is limited though. Only the first 30 orders will be valid for this insanely low price.

You guys wanted more "group buys" well here it is. You're going to hate me as soon as you click the following link...


From your favorite local enabler.

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Having no knowledge of this company at all I'm timid, but you're responses tell me should be ordering.




MechArmor Defense has looooong been part of the 308AR family. We helped them launch a couple products in the past with great success. Not only do I vouch for them as a company, but I vouch for them as people. This current "group buy" is not something that was set up by a couple jack-asses over email.... This was myself and the guys at MechArmor bullshitting on the phone, and coming up with the plan together (so I guess it was a couple jack-asses after all?!?!).


Buy with confidence.... MechArmor guarantees all their products!

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OK, I had to bite. $114.00 w/ shipping.


Gonna drop this in one of my 5.56 guns.  Already rocking the SSA-E in the .308 and I like that one for what I do with it.


FUUCK!! Thanks Rob!  I'm supposed to be shopping for my wife's birthday - not lurking around here blowing money on sh!t  I don't n... um..well maybe I do need this.   FUCKS!  I gotta start going to AA (ARs Anonymous).

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