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"I don't shoot Well, but I shoot often" --T Roosevelt


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Took my "Good Medicine For Lions" 405 cal '95 Winchester to the range today, been trying to get a decent load for it over the last couple months, hadd spreads close to 100 FPS with H4895, over 60 spread with factory loads, tried Varget today, sweet spot at 53 grains under a 300 gr Hornady pill got a SD of less then 4! Managed shoot a couple of 100 yard groups that rivaled the scoped gun next to me, wind blowing rain sideways kind of a an equalizing force! 


405 Winchester M1895 1929 build. 






300 gr pill over 53gr Varget


Truly a gun that earned the "Punishes at both ends" title.


Providence Tool Peep Sight 




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1 hour ago, Albroswift said:

" ...sweet spot at 53 grains under a 300 gr Hornady pill..."

Going over and logging my data into the book noticed it was actually 55 gr Varget, but highly unlikely anyone is going to be relying on a 308AR forum for obsolete cartridge data anyway...

Hey you never know who’s out there searching for info in the google verse 

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Nice rifle for sure.

I own two 45/70 Marlin model 1895's, on is early production and standard rifling (not micro-grooved).  I've been shooting 45/70's for about 30 years and found that they really like Reloader 7.  It delivers excellent consistency over the chronograph and good velocities for the lighter 300 grain bullets.

My go-to hunting load is 55 grains with Remington 300 grain hollow point bullets.  I've shot everything from Elk to ground hogs with it.  Not overly fond of sighting it in.  At the range make sure to remove your hat and glasses, if not your hat will be on the ground and it will knock the lenses out of your glasses when you touch off the first round!.....LOL......Cliff

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