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Sure hope i don't have covid

Belt Fed

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42 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Runnin 101 fever now and feel like crap.

All that porn you look at have you a virus. :lmao:

Seriously, hope you get better soon.  If you have a bad headache, lose sense of smell or taste, stay away from your wife.  I know she doesn't need any more misery.  Get well soon and hope it's just a cold.

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Starve a cold, feed a fever.  I know I had this shiit in January, but I'm not getting tested for antibodies, just so they can add another "positive test" to their BS counts.  I was over it in 3 days, never missed work.  2 of those days were the weekend.  Fuk COVID.

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hope you feel better soon 


It’s thick here right now, I know two families (kids most likely brought home) have/ had it. Closest to me since “the out break”. I’m staying on the DL cuz I’m not getting this shit before I leave on vacation, heads will roll

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On 10/26/2020 at 5:55 AM, unforgiven said:

Glad your feeling better brother. 🍻

Amen to that, if I catch it while I'm here in Arizona, I'm just gonna spend the rest of the winter out here. Hell, maybe I can get a special pass to haunt the bone yard, I've got to be one of the oldest living "Air Force Brat's"! I have a USAF part number stamped on my right azz cheek, USAF #1 Son, 0000000156 1956 US GOV PROPERTY, do not remove!

I'll just put Gma back on a plane to Central Obamastan to work and take some "sick days"! lol, sick of work

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1 minute ago, Belt Fed said:

I just got tested and i have covid 19, been running fever for a week.

Well you take care now Belt Fed, I'll be back in Central Obamastan on Monday, you need me down there to help you burn some gun powder for a "cordite cleanse", I'll bring little "Miss Wilson" down so we can get your lungs full of burnt gunpowder and burn that covid out! it's the China virus remember? it hates freedom!

Seriously, we will be praying for you brother, wear your mask and go vote on Tuesday!

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8 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

I just got tested and i have covid 19, been running fever for a week.

So you should be running it to the end of its course, has your fever dropped any at all, call your Dr., you should be coming out of it now, so hang in there, pray for my Mom, she's in the hospital with dehydration and kidney issues,  I could get in to see her, but her I am in Arizona, thats the way it always works..

Greene Co. in Central Obamastan is likely facing a new lock down with the little fatt feller....

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