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What are your other hobbies and interests?


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I have a friend that flys some big ones, like 10' wingspan.  He has a Mustang, and Extra 300, and something else.

If you weren't addicted to these 308ARs you could get a jet!



Jon      <lmao>    ducted jet  <lmao>  but electric  <lmao>  90 plus on radar gun  you couldnt drive a pin up my azz while I flew that beast ...and after 3 years of doing the rc thing I still sukked at it!  <lmao>  Wash


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Oh yeah!  The ducted fans are cool!

Those mini-jets though...would be fun to hide in the grass near their fields and see how they hold up to a mini-gun.


Jon  I just never really got the hang of it...when I was flying it was not relaxing and even exciting would have been okay,but there wasnt that either....being an old pilot i thought this should have been a piece o cake

but since I wasnt in the cockpit looking at the horizon and gauges  <laughs>  daaamn  :)  Wash

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When we were kids, my Dad was a pilot in the AF, helped my brother build one of those wire-controlled planes, a Corsair I believe.

Went up to the local elementary school where Dad said "Let me show you how it's done."  Nice lift off, good level lap and a half, then he nose-dived it SMACK into the only concrete within the circle, exploding it into a thousand pieces or more.

The look of "Hunh," on my Dad's face as he then handed the toggle handle to my now dejected brother, who looked at the now worthless controller with limp wires hanging.  Kids seemed to appear out of nowhere and were running pieces of the plane up to my brother.

It was one of those little brother "That was AWESOME" moments.


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Jon  Thats a good one! <laughs>  I would keep mumbling to myself when I was starting out flying the rc planes..."but im a pilot but im a pilot"  an oldtimer overheard me....said  " it aint got nuthin to do with it....get over it!"

<lmao>  Wash

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Very cool brother Jon <thumbsup>, got a field for RC planes and Helos down the street.Went to the hobby shop in town and they have a program for confuser that you can use your controler for plane on the confuser for pracice to sharpen skills before you adapt the flying device of your choise so you don't crack it up as fast. ;) I was better with helo than plane. :o <lmao>

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I love to fish!! use to hunt but getting soft with age, plus wife is a animal lover. I collect and consume Jack Daniels products. I have a love of cars, I own a 1968 Camaro and recently bought a 2010 Indy 500 pace car Camaro that was used at the track, take it to car shows, have a lot of fun doing that. I also ride a Harley, that is my mental health time. But my best hobby is my family!! Here are a few pics;


By pappy1600 at 2007-08-22


By pappy1600 at 2012-04-11


By pappy1600 at 2012-08-03


By pappy1600 at 2012-08-03


By pappy1600 at 2012-08-03

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Did I mention I love to fish!!!!

<laughs> <lmao>  You're "baiting" him...  <thumbsup>

That Pace Car Camaro reminded me - close friend bought the orange SS a couple years ago, did some minor mods to it.  Damn badass car.  When the ZL1 was announced, he removed all his accessories from the SS, planned to trade it in, and ordered the orange ZL1.  He's had that car now for a little while - it's unreal.  :o

I'll try to get some pics from him.  It's a damn beast. 

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