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Spring Shoot 2022 AAR


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I'll start this one right now, anyone that was out there can start filling in.  I'm still working over here, but I've got a bunch of good pics and stories to add.  And some vids.

Getting ready to take the camper back to RV storage now, and free-ranging after that, my last job of the weekend. 

@blue109 @Armed Eye Doc - feel free to jump in here and back up Scuba Steve's fine work!   :hail:

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@Matt.Cross flew in on Thursday at 10am - and the flight was actually early.  BONUS!!!   Kim picked him up at the airport on her way here, with the kids, Rita and Ephrem.  They all got to Casa De Pain, and we start talking about the day - gonna leisurely pack up and hit the dirt tonight, Thursday night.  IMMEDIATE questions from Matt - "Hey, it's PREP day, where we PREP to go out there..."  Well Prep to pack up and leave, brother, we're getting into the dirt tonight...  :lmao:

We got out there at a decent time, around 4pm.  Mike  @blue109 was already out there, but not by much - he greeted the rolling caravan approaching him whilst standing on his roof rack, slung M4, and a beer in hand...  Overwatch, for the weekend...   Check.  :thumbup::hail:

We pulled in, and started setting up, but priorities of work were getting the camper unhooked, to drive out there and set the Mile target up for Friday morning.  It all happened, and while I was putting the Mile in, @JBMatt got the 450 out there.  Kenny and his wife Shawn arrived, and the food-plan was lazy that night - burgers on the grill.  We all ate, got settled in, and prepared for the rest of the weekend. 

Part 1, right there.

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54 minutes ago, JBMatt said:

Can someone ever, actually be prepared for these weekends?  :laffs::fullauto:

I doubt it, brother, in the least.  I guess, load ammo, load ammo, load MORE ammo, condition your liver and kidneys daily, load MORE ammo, realize that you don't have enough ammo loaded and just say FUK IT! and load the trailer and move out, make the best of it.

The only thing that's really ready is the food.  We fuk around with alot of things.  We don't fuk around with food.  That's SERIOUS business, right there.

Gratuitous full-moon, full illum, zero-camera-flash shot.  I was either on @JBMatt's competition gun, or I was on @Matt.Cross's Mk12 6 ARC here...


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That pic is rad! I hardly took any pics this time. Worked a 12 hr shift, off at 8AM Thursday morning. went home, finished packing, and bailed out to the spot. Left Sunday afternoon, Slept for a few hours when I got home, and rolled right into a 12 hour shift. Didn't even unpack the truck lol. Going to take a few days to normalize. Awesome as always. Basically shot up all my ammo. Very depressing carrying those light cans into the house lol. MK12 still my favorite gun. Don't remember much of sat night. 







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49 minutes ago, sketch said:

Gotta lean into it ehh!

I JUST planted that back foot, too - to get FREAKY!  And I was outta ammo.  Sad Panda...  :lmao:  I usually have enough back-meat to control some shiit like that, but not with a lightass .308AR throwing it that fast...    :laffs:

It's almost worse than shouldering a 240, which kicks your ass, and it's heavy AF.  Because it's still .308 Win, and it's WAY LIGHTER than a 240, it's even worse.  So it beats your ass into oblivion.  I wanna run 20 or 25 rounds through that bitch again, and I'll be ready already...   :bat:

I see no downside - it's pure heaven.  That fukkin' trigger is tons-of-lovin' in a shorter .308AR.   :banana:

Edited by 98Z5V
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58 minutes ago, blue109 said:

I hardly took any pics this time.

Doesn't matter, brother - that you made the trek again is what matters.  You're an integral part of this, and have been for a long time.  Your desire to come here and do this feeds the desire to keep doing this - to be around friends. 

Last couple years, you've been able to make it back again - and you're loved.  As it should be - you need to be revered like the old-skool OG bastards, and you are.  Everyone out here loves you.  Don't stop.  You know why - Nobody likes a quitter...    :laffs::banana:

Much love, brother.  More than you know.   🥰

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2 hours ago, Matt.Cross said:


Look again brother, there's a Nomex suppressor cover on there....

That's some straight up MA TEN action right there!

Shooting those subs is the gift that's gonna cost me a rifle this year...  🤦‍♂️

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On 3/22/2022 at 9:41 AM, JBMatt said:

Shooting those subs is the gift that's gonna cost me a rifle this year...  🤦‍♂️

I left my whole stash of subsonic with Scuba Steve. If you end up needing some, you can check with him. I also gave some to Tom to reverse engineer....

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7 hours ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

Even if I have to pedal an electric bike to get there for Fall Shoot... I can almost smell the smoke and feel the sand in my socks.

Great pics and looking forward to more pictures.

you and Sketch just get here we will get there ....

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On 3/23/2022 at 3:02 AM, shooterrex said:

You got anew couch.


On 3/23/2022 at 9:51 AM, DNP said:

Hell yeah he did…and it looks way more comfortable for sleeping on. 


Affirmative. New couch, more comfortable. If the cats don't make ribbons out of it before Fall Shoot, it'll be awesome!

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On 3/23/2022 at 5:28 AM, Magwa said:

you and Sketch just get here we will get there ....

I have to make a test trip in the summer, check how easy it goes crossing the border with guns( plus once on record other trips should be even smoother.) Also I can cache some of @98Z5V Crown Royal that's collecting dust( I can only bring so much in on each visit)

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