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Whew......I made it outta there


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SO.........(you all know what's coming) I went stumbling through the door of my local gun pusher after getting the call that the paperwork finally came back for my AAC SDN-6. Don't you know it, I wasn't in the door for 2 minutes when, while waiting for his other guy to dig my paperwork and suppressor outta the back, he shoves a 9mm MAC 11 in my face. Have I ever said how I can't stand the bastard? Shortly after that, they're trying to sell me a Wilson Combat rail that they just "happen" to have that fit's Armalite 10's. The pricks....they must know that I've got another SASS in pieces waiting to go together.......oh yeah......they do know. DAMMIT. Then, they go for the full press. Throwing everything from deals (good one's too) on optics (NF and EoTech's), to an assortment of parts and ammo.


Damn.....talking about trying to wear a brother down. All during this madness that was trying to pry my bank account open.......I kept the faith.....I kept focus.....I stayed steady.....I stayed strong. I kept thinking...........MRAD. AND....how Dirk was gonna stay in my s h i t if I deviate from my course.


So? I finally picked up the new suppressor. Told them to have a good day (with a friendly F-you sent their way). And walked out the door. WITHOUT buying anything else.


As I started this.........




It was getting tough in there.

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