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Finally Getting the Itch


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Im not going to lie, this bullshit here in CT with Sandy Hook and its aftermath has really knocked the wind out of me. I have two cans approved sitting at the dealers with little desire to retrieve them. I have not purchased a firearm in 11 months which is unheard of. Anyhow today I decided it's time to move on and buying shit once again. Im thinking I will be going heavy on 1911's and I want two good bolt actions. In thinking a Sako TRG in .308 and something else in 300win mag. I have no money but i have plenty of time to ponder.


Anyhow I just wanted to say Im back...neutered but back

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For the 300 WinMag, I say build it.  No joke.  Well, build it, in a sense.


Pick up a Rem 700 heavy barrel in that caliber (the Rem Model # 5718), throw the stock away, and mount that bastard in a McRee long action chassis.  There's your base rifle.  Done. 


Add what you need as the rifle progresses.  Save $795 for the bipod.  Don't ask me now, just save that amount, and let me know when you're ready for it.  <thumbsup>


Tell ya, I'm seriously looking at the Savage BA110.  Or the Rem 5718, as you can tell...  <lmao>

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Since you're hosed on capacity anyway, look at doing some wheelies.  


Smith 627 Performance Center .357 Magnum 8-shot and 358 Lightweight Hunter 7-shot .357 with a 6" barrel.  The 627 (maybe the 358 too) are relieved for using moon clips.  Time to start emulating Jerry Miculek.


And with 1911s already on your radar with these sub-standard capacity mags, you should investigate the .50 G.I. cartridge for some serious weight downrange.  The .460 Rowland would be fun for you also…off the top of my head I want to say 230gr JHP cooking along at 1,200 fps or so (way wrong…I looked it up, 230gr SMOKING along at 1,340 fps and 930 ft.lbs. of energy!).


Back to wheelies, that .460 S&W Magnum that blue's kin had at Marana was an AWESOME set up!  That muzzle brake made rapid fire pretty darn easy…just don't let anyone stand to the side of you (Tom did stand next to me…but he's TOM dude).


Does this mean that Desert Eagles are on your list now?

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Try a Ruger Number 0ne in 300 win mag or better yet 7mm STW or if you have to have a 30 cal try a 338-378 I mean everyone has a bolt gun but these number ones are unbelievable accurate.... run a 26 inch barrel and you can run loads in excess of 80 grains of H1000 or 7828 for some serious downrange power.... when i was shooting a number one in Dynamite shoots i ran in the hunter class gun and scope not over 11lbs and i could bust 2 out of 3 pepsi cans with 1/2 sticks in them at 650 yards with only 4 inch holdover with a 160 grain BT 7mm bullet at 3320 fps..... a fun gun.... whatever you get have some fun or travel out west where you can!.... :) good luck

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